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Every 5th of October has been set aside by United Nations Education and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) for a global celebration of teachers and education. The special day is recognised as “World Teachers’ Day”. The National Policy of education also places premium on teacher education realising that quality of a nation’s education cannot rise above the quality of teachers.

Teachers are ” lamplighters”,touch bearers and are also seen as gardeners this is because they take complete interest in the development of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of the learners.With the teachers being responsible for growth and development of any country,there is therefore the need to empower them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.In Nigeria,the development of education is not yet impressive. Various factors have been noticed that contribute immensely to the decay in the educational system among which is lack of teachers empowerment.

Mistake or failure of a teacher can affect generations unborn.A teacher who will teach student effectively so that such a student will be fully armed to solve life problems and face other challenges must be well taken care of. Conducive learning environment for teachers is necessary because the teacher performs herculean tasks that only a good environment can make him/her more effective and efficient in discharging his or her duties .It is pertinent to note here that a teacher is an instructor,supposed to be a role model,an administrator,a good member of the community, a team player,an evaluator,a leader and a counsellor among others.

The above flamboyant declarations of a teacher are never matched with actions and couple with the poor conditions of service among others are responsible for falling standard of education. Lack of interest by teachers which could be due to poor and delayed salaries,frequent strikes actions etc destroys the system.Enhancing effective and efficient teacher education through funding and proper financial management has been an area of concern for decades.

As Teachers’ Day is celebrated,teachers should be equipped with all that is needed to move the sector.The ideal reasons of setting aside this day to making teachers feel special is not supposed to be jettisoned by paying little or nor attention to the plights of the teachers.This day is globally observed to honour the teacher,to remind the country of the importance of teachers,to celebrate knowledge and its role in societal advancement and to appreciate the great scholars that have made tremendous contribution in the academia.

To appreciate a teacher,apart from monetary inducement,students can dress up as teachers and assume the role of teachers;teachers can take the position of students in classes,sit down and get taught by students;buying of different gifts for teachers; organising cultural programmes; former students can arrange a reunion with their teachers and, government should insist that this day becomes a memorable day to teachers and would-be teachers by regularly improving the teachers’ standard of living through improving their conditions of service,making policies tailored toward teachers friendly,seminars/workshops,training/restraining of teachers should be encouraged,overcrowding of pupils/students in classrooms is to be disabused.The implementation of pupils free school feeding is a welcome idea but where this lead to overcrowding the teachers will suffer and teachings learning process is impaired.Government should prioritise its education policies and implemention in order to achieve sustainability.

Finally,a teacher that is well motivated is the one that can put in his/her best.The task of teaching is so challenging and demanding in that everything should be done to encourage and motivate teachers to put in the best for the nation.Remunerations and conditions of service of teachers should be made to be at par with other professions,the society should go back to the status quo where teachers were ones seen as gods.

If you have read this,chances are that you have been taught by a teacher.Is there a teacher you can be grateful to?Can you be a teacher?.Today is World Teachers’ Appreciation Day.If you are yet to appreciate a teacher on this day,start with me.

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