A fifth columnist “is someone who secretly supports and helps the enemies of the country or organization they are in.” Pause.
“Dr. Zwahu Bonat of the Kaduna State University, Kaduna. …the Leader of the group stalling the N60 billion Vicampro Potatoes Factory and Manchok Solar power project. His argument is that the solar power is dangerous to man. The Kaduna Government is hopeful that reason will prevail, for work to commence as the two projects will dramatically improve the economy of Southern Kaduna- at least 35,000 people will be employed when the projects are completed.” The statement as captured above was Emmanuel Ado’s post on his facebook account at exactly 4:51pm on Wednesday March 21, 2018. In addition was a passport photograph of the university don captured from a file-the staple pin on the photograph attached says much to that effect. The lecturer is under the employment of the Kaduna State University. Of course the post went further to spark reactions, with comments and replies from both writer and concerned persons.
The response from readers on the Environmental Impact Assessment, whether it is genetically modified produce and even the technologies to be deployed in this agricultural investment. A few had asked for further probe as to the motive of government concerning the project and insight as to the other side of the story.
Dr. Bonat is not probably up on this post because he is a “…well educated man [who] has capacity to lead or mislead the people. If an educated man tells you that solar power will cause women to have miscarriages and deformed babies, what will happen? Do you catch the drift [?]” as Emmanuel went further to put down in response to a comment. The brackets are my emphasis.
Remember I paused you. Emmanuel Ado, the fifth columnist on this matter who turned against his conscience noted that he is disinclined to GM and from other replies posted by Emmanuel to comments especially to the people who are not from the area, there is a very open door of: “I will email you”; “I will call you”
There are however those who are offended by the post. Their emotions have been discounted by the writer as attempt to blackmail, and only seeks to meet in person the ‘members’ that are ‘led’ by Z.K Bonat for further conversations. He is however convinced that he has all the information and have seen both sides.
Even as Simon Reef Musa asked these: “Now, who is accusing Bonat and others for stalling the project? Why should government suspend its appointees over a matter that is purely between communities and a private company? What interest does the state government have on the project? Should the state not be encouraged to bring both the communities and Vicampro to the table for negotiations?” going further to tell on what the one sided inquiry he has made on the issue, which insinuates that the community is refusing to yield to an attempt of seizure of their land to a company for the cultivation of potatoes under unclear terms. It is needless to go over the details on Simon’s discussion as to the compensations paid to land owners within the same state for an investment related project, and other points of his disagreement with the post which are all equivocally valid. It is however obvious that Emmanuel knows all about the argument and stand point of Simon as he quickly dispenses, “Simon Reef Musa good night. How is the heat in Abuja?”

He gave more insight however that “…I have spoken to many people who have very progressive views on the issue. And this explains why I am on it.”
On the problem however as to what have necessitated this post, he affirms, “…. The problem is ownership of the land. Government and the traditional institution are on same page that land belongs to government. But some of the host communities are rejecting that. This is the stalemate.”

The many people who may have spoken to Emmanuel Ado are not unrelated to the government personalities he has tagged in his post which are involving media aides to the Governor of Kaduna State, a serving Commissioner, an Acting Managing Director of a Kaduna State owned public enterprise. The names tagged there include strategist, practicing journalists, like himself and if I were to be so naïve I will not think that this is a sequel to an eviction which himself quips that it could have been done already. Emmanuel Ado as a journalist seems to quickly forget the famous quote that ”comment is free, ..facts are sacred’
Emmanuel Ado and his many ‘friends’ are offended by the sanctity of human and people’s rights especially as contained in the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and its 63 Articles. Emmanuel, the media practitioner who doubles as a development enthusiast have turned his dagger from the defense of humanity to its oppression and subjugation. He has given in to the enticements of the table set before him preparatory to his new commission to scorn:
1. Every individual may freely take part in cultural life of his community.
2. The promotion and protection of morals and traditional values recognized by the community shall be the duty of the State. [Article 17 (1)(2)]
3. Every individual shall have duties towards his family and society, the State and other legally recognized communities and the international community. [Article 27(1)]
4. All peoples shall have the right to their economic, social and cultural development with due regard to their freedom and identity and in the equal enjoyment of the common heritage of mankind. [Article 22 (1)]
5. States shall have the duty, individually or collectively, to ensure the exercise of the right to development. [Article 22(2)]
6. All peoples shall freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources. This right shall be exercised in the exclusive interest of the people. In no case shall a people be deprived of it. [Article 21 (1)]
7. In case of spoliation the dispossessed people shall have the right to the lawful recovery of its property as well as to an adequate compensation. [Article 22(2)]
It was with such concerns “that indigenous peoples have suffered from historic injustices as a result of, inter alia, their colonization and dispossession of their lands, territories and resources, thus preventing them from exercising, in particular, their right to development in accordance with their own needs and interests,” amongst others, that the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIPS) was drawn. Although Nigeria had refused to consent to this, advocates like Ado couldn’t have done better than to seek for the indoctrination of this Rights in the affairs of governance in Nigeria. In article 37(1) of the DRIPS affirms that the “Indigenous peoples have the right to determine and develop priorities and strategies for the development or use of their lands or territories and other resources.” Emmanuel Ado and his ilk of ‘many people’ are offended by this declaration and rejoice already that it is not close to the priorities of the State.
He may be a Kaduna ‘boy’ but has no grasp as to the history of the Kaduna people. It is wasteful to ask Emmanuel Ado to put down this post because the deed is done already. I thank Abubakar Aliyu Liman and Mohammed Idris for their contribution to the discourse. Not many journalists have been as privileged in Kaduna to be engaged by the Government of Kaduna State especially the Executive Council to have worked so closely with a serving Governor as Emmanuel Ado had. From recent activities on his facebook account I am becoming convinced that the cold outside those gates of the government house had bitten hard. From the position of Emmanuel Ado his ‘many people’ count more than Dr Zwahu Bonat and his ‘group’.
The effort of Emmanuel Ado to bring in the big guns against Moro’a (Asholio) people of Kaduna and force down their throats the ‘goodies’ that is handed down to them is despicable. The people have a say to the kind of development they want. This right is inalienable.
To Emmanuel Ado: If land belongs to government, why do government pay compensation to people and communities? If land belongs to government why then do communities provide the land for social and basic amenities or infrastructure? For someone who hails from Delta State, who should know better about oppression and overbearing rascality of government actors in Nigeria?
Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai was before now a Minister of the Federal Capital Territory under a former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, where he made his mark on governance as he knew best. One will however have thought that the time spent from after that engagement to his election His Excellency, Mal. Nasir El-Rufai should have noted down some learning points as to making change sustainable. Abuja is far different from what he left behind today. The legacies he had left behind have since been washed off with only the infrastructure development he cannot lay claim still standing.
Dr. Zwahu Bonat is being subjected to trial on public media space for standing up as a human rights defender of his ethnic nation. I am in agreement with Richard Umaru that, “Dr. Zwahu Bonat is simply being targeted. Otherwise why publish his picture on Facebook when you have the option of refuting his position with facts, if you have any that is. The security of Dr. Bonat is in the hands of those responsible for the mischievous publication of his picture. If they don’t know, they should be told!”
#ActiveCitizenship #HumanRightsDefenders #InclusiveDevelopment #CommunalLands #CommunityRights #EndCorruption #Globalgoals
Nasiru Jagaba writes from Kaduna-Nigeria

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