September 15th, 2017

By Emma Zopmal

The core interest of the enemy of Plateau state should not undermine our commitment to defend and protect our land. The history of the state is characterized by conquest war but not from within, nevertheless we have never been defeated neither relented. I encourage my people to continue to be resilient. This is another hard era before us. We have to continue being united. All the ethnic groups in Plateau state are interrelated and share common land boundaries. With our shared interest of unity and destiny, we have to assist one another by being our brother’s keeper. The security of one should be security to all.

Politics should be an instrument of resolving our internal problems and remain stronger. Those who ride on the back of politics to divide us should be marked as enemies of the state as well. Attacks on our communities have continued unabated. We do not have time again to continue condemning it by mere pronouncements. There is an undeclared war looming upon us. This code war should not come to us through our perceived weakness which is diversity. I strongly recommend the full operation of Operation Rainbow security outfit. The conventional security outfit, despite their presence on special operation, we have been losing more lives, homes and property destroyed, and nobody has been brought to justice. They (security outfit) cannot wait until we are all murdered after that, who then can they protect in the state? Let Plateau people take charge of the security of their state. Let there be information-sharing and networking among neighbouring communities. Plateau people should reconcile their internal contradictions.

Let us also invest in livestock farming so that we can occupy our lands with our own cattle and other aspects of animal husbandry. I heartily console the families killed in the recent attacks in Plateau state. I call on my people to act not to continue thinking that government alone can safeguard them. We should not allow this grand conspiracy against us sail through our land.

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