As I listen to the political talk coming from Abuja, I am continually outraged by how out of touch most of our elected officials are in trying to correct the country’s social and economic challenges that exist today. Whether it be healthcare or improving the small business environment, the President and both houses of Assemblies have completely failed. Not only have our elected representatives bankrupted our nation for generations to come, they continually ask the Nigeria people to give them a little more power and some more of our money to fix problems they created.

The solution to Nigeria’s debt situation seems to be relatively simple; if the government didn’t spend more than they received, our nation would not have a debt problem. Why can’t our representatives figure this out? Maybe our government’s ineffectiveness rests not in balancing a checkbook, but in a deeply rooted moral dilemma. The government has forgotten that the rights of the people, outlined in the nation’s Constitution, are not guaranteed by the political party in power, but by peace, unity and progress. By having our rights assured in our constitution, human dignity is not a passing value, but a principle that withstands the test of time.

The Nigeria people cannot thrive by surrendering their rights to the government. Although many in the government would like to believe they possess God-like qualities, they are not God. Rather, they are servants of the people, and receive their powers by the consent of the governed. Those who govern are supposed to receive wise counsel from the people, and take this counsel to Abuja to perform acts of righteousness and justice that will make our nation stronger, not weaker. Unfortunately, the Nigeria people are increasingly having to protect themselves from the ill-advised actions of those in power.

Fortunately, acts of incompetence performed by those who have decided to live in darkness, cannot take place for a long period of time. While our elected officials have been receiving inadequate counsel, the Nigeria people have been getting encouragement from each other. They are not only talking about which political party has the best plan to lead our nation, but they have also been talking about the government’s appropriate role in their lives. They realize that the government is not very good at taking care of them, and they have an obligation to invoke individual responsibility.

The coming 2019 elections will be a turning point for this nation. We, the Nigeria people, will decide if we want to truly govern ourselves, or if we want to live under the overarching thumb of bureaucratic government. If we do not answer this question correctly, it may be one of the last free decisions we are allowed to make. Lets not be the generation that one day has to tell our grandchildren that we are the ones that allowed darkness to cloak the greatest light of freedom the world has ever known. The founding generation of this country made great sacrifices to ensure the successful longevity of this nation. They never sacrificed their self-worth, and never doubted that God could bring this nation out of the most bleakest of circumstances.

Ira Tukura

Writes from Jalingo

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