. . . says Kaduna State is becoming a failed state.


 KADUNA – Southern Kaduna people in the Diaspora (SOKAD), yesterday charged that the complacency and inaction of governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state towards initial renewed killings in Southern Kaduna by alleged Fulani herdsmen few days to Christmas encouraged them into further mayhem.

 SOKAD then call on all Southern Kaduna communities to armed themselves and defend their lives and property as Kaduna state was becoming a failed state.

 SOKAD Statement which emanated from Gainesville, Florida, in the United States and made available to our correspondent in Kaduna yesterday was signed by its President, Dr. Freeman Kamuru, its Secretary,  Rev. D Nboze  and Financial Secretary, Mr S.B John.

The statement reads: “Once again, the Southern Kaduna people were robbed of the joy of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by series of killings and assassinations in the hands of wicked and evil men who have continued their jihad against us. 

“These sons of Satan and haters of Christians, non-Muslims and everything good, chose to strike at peaceful, defenseless and innocent people in their homes during this holy time of celebration, reflection and thanksgiving. The evil doers killed on Christmas eve, El-Rufai did nothing; emboldened by this inaction and silence,  they stroke, again, on Christmas Day; still,  El-Rufai did nothing; more emboldened, they assassinated  the paramount ruler of the people of Numana – Etum Numana, Dr. Gambo Makama, his dear  wife and family members on the eve of the New Year.

“Not done with, they again, invaded the palace of the paramount ruler of Ikulu land, in Zangon Kataf LGA, Agom Ikulu, Mr.Yohana Sidi Kukah, and abducted him for ransom unchallenged.

“The failure and seeming complacency of the Nigerian government at the National and State levels, lends credence to the agenda of ethno-religious cleansing of Southern Kaduna people and the Middle-belt region. The Southern Kaduna people in Diaspora (SOKAD) and many other groups have, in previous communications, offered suggestions to the government on how to end these massacres, but to no avail.

“Both the sponsors and foot soldiers of this pogrom are well known to the State security agencies. Some of the perpetrators of the recent killings, in a press release, openly called for the assassination of key Southern Kaduna leaders.  Among those listed were, the EtumNumana and the District Head of Fadan Karshi, who were brutally murdered after the press release. First,  the District Head of Karshi was killed,  the government  of El-Rufai did nothing; emboldened,  the killers murdered the Etum Numana and his dear wife on New Year’s eve after series of Christmas killings of Christians and non-Muslims.

“After that, the ruler of Ikulu land, Mr. Yohana Sidi Kukah, who is junior brother of the renown Catholic Bishop, Matthew Hassan Kukah was kidnapped at his palace by heavily armed herdsmen and taken away for ransom on the January 2nd 2018. His whereabouts and condition is still unknown. This is the kind of impunity that the herdsmen militia are enjoying in Southern Kaduna today.

“It would seem that El-Rufai and his government are more concerned with silencing opposition, than the security of citizens. If El-Rufai would expend state capital/resources on prosecuting ethnic and religious killers and kidnapers as he has on prosecuting journalists and other people of conscience,  Kaduna State would not be on the verge of becoming a failed state.

“ Like the previous State Government, El-Rufai’s government has never prosecuted any case of the killings in Southern Kaduna. We have been told of limited cases of arrests, but not the punishment; and even in such cases, those arrests/punishments have mostly been people who have defended themselves or reacted to an attack.

 “Southern Kaduna communities are engaged in an existential struggle for security and survival to protect their ancestral land and cultures. SOKAD demands that Governor El- Rufai and his government perform their perfunctory function to its citizens- provide security- to avoid anarchy.

“SOKAD wishes to condole the families of the victims of the recent Christmas killings, our respected Traditional Rulers and the people of Numana. 

“SOKAD demands that the Kaduna State Governor not allow the killers to go unprosecuted. For El-Rufai and his government, this would be a first.  A good faith step towards achieving that goal is to arrest and prosecute the assassins and their sponsors.  However, for now, a short- term solution that would ensure the security of Southern Kaduna citizens, their Traditional Rulers and communities, is defense empowerment: Allow the people to arm and protect themselves, communities, families and their leaders. We have lost trust in state security agencies.”

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