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“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Mathew 7:2(NIV)

The thick mushroom cloud Governor El-rufai’s memo of 22nd September 2016 to President Mahammadu Buhari (PMB) generated is still permeating Nigeria’s political space. Political meteorologists forecast that the poisonous cloud shall hang longer than expected. The time the controversial memo hit the public square and burning issues raised therein are responsible for this anticipated long-stay in the public domain.

Pundits that created time to follow the public life of Mr. Elrufai had long expected this and allied reputation denting salvos against his cult-like godfather. On the other hand,those who are just picking interest in his disruptive activities are a bit taken aback. From whichever side of the divide you are, don’t forget words of Prussian Otto Von Bismarck that said; politics is a game of all possibilities.

Governor El-rufai’s 30-page memo raised germane and poignant issues bordering the state of the nation. No vital facet of Nigeria’s national life was left untouched.Truth be told, his critical takes were sharp ala surgical blade and sincere like a speech of a monk just coming out his monastery . But there is more to Mr.El-rufai’s supposedly frank assessment.

History, track record of his public service, and assessment of Mr. El-rufai’s former boss President Olusegun Obasanjo in his daring memo “My Watch” threw spanners into his credibility and reputation. More to this, spontaneous rumpus reactions that trailed his book “Accidental Public Servant” by every major actor mentioned is a salt sprinkling event to his moral injury. This is not also forgetting the contribution of his numerous provocative and blasphemous tweets that are capable of triggering a civil war. In other words, because of the hyperactive,insensitive and treacherous character of the messenger, the message was rejected. So, the dictum of throwing the baby with the bath water unfolded, at this instance.

Who is to blame for these negativities surrounding the diminutive and panjandrum chief tenant of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House Kaduna? Your guess is as good as mine. Peoples’ confidence in his capacity to be sincere in all situations and to all persons has degenerated to the degree that if he says good morning, people rush to take a look at the sun to know whether it’s truly morning or not.

As a board member of APC and a diehard supporter of PMB,Governor El-rufai has the legal right to draft such a treacherous and ostrich-game-like memo. Bear in mind, I only conceded on legal grounds,please. But I totally disagree with him on moral grounds because he is guiltier of every single issue raised in his now infamous and catastrophic memo.

Mr. El-rufai accused two principal officers of PMB viz Alh.Abba Kyari(COS)and Mr. Babachir Lawal(SGF). On COS he piqued that he is “clueless about the APC, being that he was not involved in the creation of the party as well as all the events that brought Buhari to power”. Similarly he ruled thus on SGF “…he is inexperience in public service and is lacking in humility, insensitive and rude to virtually most of the party leaders, ministers and governors”.

In a similar fashion Kaduna State Chairman of APC Caucus and MD of Liberty Radio and Television observed the Newton’s third law of motion by firing his own memo – which was short like a mini skirt but good enough to cover all the vitals to Governor El-rufai.Alh. Tijjani Ramalan cited Jimi Lawal and Alh.Uba Sani as El-rufai’s version of Kyari and Babachir.

On Jimi Lawal, he have this to say:
“Your Excellency in your memo to the President, you claimed that the Chief of Staff was not part of the APC formation, campaign or elections, one wonders if your powerful Special Advisor, Mr. Jimi Lawal played any role during the APC formation and subsequently, if yes at what capacity or disposition, yet he is at the Government House in Kaduna State, no decision, policy or their implementation is ever taken without his approval or blessings, and were he to be part of Kaduna APC Chapter, perhaps there would not have been the feeling of neglect by the APC Family in Kaduna State as whole.
Mr. Jimi Lawal, a former Managing Director of the failed Alpha Merchant Bank who was convicted in Absentia in Nigeria for Criminal Acts of the distressed Alpha Merchant Bank, abandoned thousands of devastated Investors while he ran into exile.
Today he is the one calling the shots in the APC-controlled government of Kaduna as a friend of EL- Rufai.
The Fear of Jimi Lawal is the beginning of wisdom in Kaduna State APC administration, he is alleged to be the most powerful official and the closest to the Governor and most feared, with his hands into all aspects of governance from procurement negotiations to projects executions, without following the provisions of the Procurement Act and due process.
APC Stakeholders in the State with Dossiers on JIMI”.

On Alh.Uba Sani, El-rufai’s political adviser, the Chairman of APC caucus in Kaduna stated thus:

“Uba Sani is another high ranking member of your cabal, a close friend of yours who currently serves as your Special Adviser on Political Affairs and Inter-Governmental Affairs. He was a late entrant into the APC in 2015.
We advise the Governor to seek another and experienced foundation APC Member and a politician as your Special Adviser on Political Affairs.
Uba Sani as your personal friend and associate, can best serve you as your Special Adviser for Special Duties in (charge of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Protocol), he has proved to be resourceful in handling your runs between MDAs in Abuja, Lagos, and Kaduna, this will be in the overall interest of your APC Administration”

I’m absolutely sure maturity and statesmanship forced Alh.Ramalan to moderate his memo, otherwise his would have been more catastrophic than atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the the Second World War. Because he wasn’t only chairman of the state caucus of APC but chaired very important committees during the 2015 elections. And shuttled across all the nooks and crannies of the state selling then candidates Buhari and El-rufai.

We saw how the owner of the memo of 22nd September of 2016 is messing up Kaduna state workforce through premature retirement of vibrant and experienced civil servants in their prime. And bringing people from private sector or jobless wanderers and made them permanent secretaries in ministries. And a marathon verification exercises which is killing the spirit of efficiency and productivity in the state workforce.

As I write (my article not a memo) Mr. El-rufai has consciously fumbled in his quintessential schedule of protecting lives and property of Kaduna state people. In some surprising revelations on 3rd and 21st December 2016 he admitted communing and compensating foreign killers and commanders of a militia on genocidal mission in Southern Kaduna. Yet, the same man who couriered “unappropriated” monies across some porous borders of West and Central African nation states and graciously compensated terminators has not done anything for the victims of such pogrom, barbarity and savagery.

It’s official and on record that since his ascension to power in 2015 no single peoples’ oriented project has been successfully flagged off let alone commissioned. His government only fashioned a propaganda strategy of maintaining press visibility by over hyping and trending his controversial policies that have no positive impact on the common man.

From 29th May 2015 to the time of penning this write up intolerance to voices of dissents and opposition has become his trademark. In October of 2015 he dictatorially, narcissistically and fascistically told those who don’t accept his definition of truth in any political calculus to go and climb a mountain and fall. Again, he called members of APC faction that included a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ants he will crush.Worse on this lane is arbitrary arresting and persecution of people enjoying their freedom of speech and conscience. To gage freedom of speech he brazenly displayed his intellectual arrogance by inventing his own definition of HATE SPEECH and other concepts with globally known definitions and acceptable standard.

It’s also on record that Governor El-rufai has made telling lies and spewing unsubstantiated statement a habit.On 6th April 2016 he lied that one Local Government in Kaduna State has more gold than the entire gold in South Africa. On that same day, he also lied about the percentage of Christians and Muslims in Kaduna State. In February of 2017 he lied that some Christian clergies and churches from Southern Kaduna are fueling the ongoing killings, arsons, and destruction of natives farmlands because of the grants they are receiving from abroad. All these justified President Obasanjo’s judgement that branded him a purveyor of lies and a pathological liar.

The man advising PMB is practicing a semi Apartheid system in Kaduna State.Conduits of running his specie of Apartheid is slamming of 24hrs curfew on some Local Government Areas of Southern Kaduna. This also includes indiscriminate arrest and persecution of Christians and natives of Southern Kaduna. And denigration of women who enjoyed their inalienable rights to protest against him on 20th December 2016. In Mr.El-rufai’s modified version of Apartheid, reporting of killings,arsons and destruction of farmlands of Southern Kaduna natives is a serious offense. In a nut shell, only Christians and natives of southern Kaduna commits offenses and have so far been arrested, persecuted and taken to court.

With this narration of his many actions and inactions, do El-rufai have any moral right to offer any counsel as contained in his memo? Where went the adage charity begins at home while hemming his mischievous memo? Where went the advice of pulling out a speck in ones eyes first before offering to help others? Is this not a case of pot calling the kettle black?

The Chinese usually pray to live in interesting times. We didn’t pray like them but God through his infinite mercies made us live in interesting times of APC and their kingpins like El-rufai. If you must fully understand the man El-rufai, get a bible and read Jesus account of who is a Pharisee.

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