Re:You Are Losing the Mission And the Momentum, El-Rufai Warned President Buhari in a Memo.

By Jim Gami Makama
Firstly thanks to Sahara Reporters for digging deep into the archives and coming out with an undiluted truth. As reported this Memo was written as far back as September 2016, not withstanding current realities and circumstances of our nation has forced me to review this memo. In reviewing the memo we shall engage the Messenger and the Message.
Governor Elrufai is no doubt a hot pen to reckon with, a political heir apparent to President Muhammadu Buhari and a senior apostle of the gospel of change. Implausible and shocking to note that a message like this will be sent by a messenger who is in the system, knows the system and understand the system, how easy it is to lament over national issues and forgetting the burden of governance embedded on his shoulders as the governor of Kaduna State. How well have the policies of Governor Elrufai bettered the lives of Kaduna State indigenes, and how far has his mission and his momentum to make Kaduna great again been visible and achievable.
In his memo, Gov. Elrufai highlighted how the APC led government have failed the expectations of the populace, how they have grossly failed to deliver on the expected change they campaigned on, and how they have grossly failed Nigerians. The messenger failed to remember that the state and local governments which happens to be the second and third arms of government are closer to the masses, and the actions of the actions of this states governors have been the bane of the Nigerian masses. Who don’t know that despite the relentless effort of the President to help state with financial aid and incentives to clear up their long burden of salary debts, pension and gratuity of the state work force, but many Governors including the messenger have failed to pay their workforce, which has in turn brought undeserved hardship to the masses.
“He noted that President Buhari’s relationship with the national leadership of the party, both the formal and informal, as well as with former Governors of ANPP and PDP which joined, and the ACN, is perceived by most observers to be at best frosty, as many of them are aggrieved due to what they consider to be total absence of consultations with them on the part of the president and of those he has assigned such duties” How easy it is to cast the first stone, the messenger must have forgotten how he and the party machinery used, dumped and rejected stakeholders who were instrumental to his victory at the polls, in his memo, he raised the issue of APC party leadership and structure, which to many in Kaduna are fully aware of how bastardise and unstructured the APC party in Kaduna is at the moment, The leaders of the party are preoccupied with juicy appointments and positions and have neglected the business of party administration and management. With the lingering crisis in Southern Kaduna, Governor El-rufai ought to have devoted his valuable time in Policies that will bring peace to that region and the state at large, the message expressed how poor the nation’s economy has been under the leadership of President Buhari, it is truth and factual that the economy has deteriorated, but we are yet to see Governors action that will help in resuscitating our ailing economy, what are the policies that El-rufai has framed up to revamp the economy of Kaduna State, all we hear are tales of failed policies and programs, a practical example was the primary school feeding program which died and failed to resurrect, in security you failed, infrastructure you failed, good governance you failed, how then can you cast a stone, when you are as guilty as Mr President. Remember only does that have NO sin can cast their stones, El-rufai should bury his face in shame, cause you have failed the good people of Kaduna State.

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