Rumour has it that El-rufai contacted expert to design a blueprint for him to winning the 2019 gubernatorial elections of Kaduna State.

El-rufai intention to contest for the number one seat in Nigeria was prompted by the high number of support baba Buhari enjoyed in the north and most especially the north Western​ part of Nigeria. The rumour also has it that El-rufai initial plan was to anoint the present Commissioner for Budget and planning as the gubernatorial candidate and a suitable Southern Kaduna son as deputy as he will move to the number one seat in Nigeria come 2019, hence the rascality and dictatorial way in which he treated the people of Southern Kaduna.

The governor’s intention was to do one term in Kaduna and then move to Abuja in 2019. Because he was sure of President Muhammadu Buhari’s support and that of APC controlled states to produce votes for him at the presidential election.

The confused and immature way he handled the Southern Kaduna massacre and that of Shiites, the demolitions of houses in both Zaria and Kaduna metropolis, the way he handled the APC crisis with impunity in Kaduna State and etc have exposed him as incompetent and clueless. He actually thinks all these will go unchallenged looking at the arrogant he meted on the people in the FCT.

He resumed his tyrannical way of leadership immediately he became the governor of Kaduna state. The test running of his arrogant started with the demolition of houses then the arrogant way he treated the Southern Kaduna people, but he was challenged by the courageous youth of Southern Kaduna and the heroic displayed of the Southern Kaduna women at a rally to express their displeasure at the manner he handled the killings in Southern Kaduna. Others used the social media to convey their displeasure on his bad policies too, since he is known as a social media freak. The outspoken senator representing Kaduna Central also stood against his numerous bad policies and advised him to change else he will cripple his political ambition career.

Now, it is down on him that he will need the people he has made enemies of, both from the Northern and Southern part of Kaduna to achieve his second term ambition as it is glaring that he is not fit to contest the number one seat in Nigeria.
The rumour has it that his political expert advised him to walk his way into the Southern Kaduna people’s hearts using a strategy…. employ so many youths as AS, SSA, coordinators and so many other useless posts. Another strategy is to group the youth and then give them contract as he was told by his political expert that the Southern Kaduna people love money and that they easily forgive people.

Part of the strategy given to him by his political expert is to walk his way into the Southern Kaduna people’s heart by spending approximately 3 months in company of some of his commissioners in Kafanchan. New World hotel is said to be their abode for the time that they would be staying in Southern Kaduna, as to mend his relationship with the owner of the hotel who happens to be the senator representing the Southern part of Kaduna. That the governor will visit all the chiefdoms​ and special people, walk the streets, markets and generally win the people’s goodwill. That he will also receive people from outside of the zone on courtesy calls.
This strategy is to walk his way into the hearts of the people who allege that he hates SK. It was also said that he will be coming with a lot of money to share.
Youth will be hired to conduct rallies asking him to re-contest for the 2019 gubernatorial election. The deputy governor would be in-charge of Kaduna tending to minor state matters.

The northern part of the state is not left behind in this strategy as he is seriously working to win his love through some people’s hearts especially in Zaria, hence he will also spend few weeks there too.

Still part of the strategy is to initiate new projects which will soon take off and the strategy is to be used during campaign and promising their completion in 2019.

Southern Kaduna people, be advised and don’t allow yourself to be deceived as your weakness for love of money and your forgiven nature would be capitalised on to exploit you.

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  1. These strategies aimed at mending Governor El’rufai’s arrogancy and negligence of the people of Southern Kaduna is childish. The youths of southern kaduna have gone beyond this myopic approach by the boastful first class leader. Let him bury his head in shame and forget about both his state and National ambitions

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