As Christians all over the world celebrate Easter today which signifies the resurrection of Christ it is a moment to reflect a moment of sober reflection. The present COVID-19 pandemic has made us to be on total lockdown, lives lost, activities not as it used to be.

I urge all christians to use this celebration to pray for an end to this, obey the laws of the land by staying at home and maintaining social distancing by this we will be able to curtail the spread. As citizens do there best I also urge the government to support the poor and hear their cry during this lockdown and avoid politics at this time.

You will notice that the way you speak of someone when he or she is right there with you in the room is always different from the way you speak about the person when he or she is not there. When we continue living in sin, we betray Jesus, we behave as though Jesus is still in the grave.

As you go about your daily activities from today, have a Jesus-is-alive consciousness. Remind yourself constantly of His presence within and around you, put away the works of darkness, take your minds from earthly pursuits and seek the things that are above. Let your life proclaim that Jesus is Alive.

Finally, the fact that this year Christians couldn’t gather as usual in the Church leaves us already with a feeling of dryness and emptiness about Easter but even in our homes, we are called to let our good actions fill up this dryness. Let us show love to everyone we meet today even if it is through a telephone call or an online message. Call someone you are not in talking terms with and offer your forgiveness. Find something to send a gift to today.

I am optimistic that this pandemic will end soon.

The festival for this year still stands no plans to postpone it yet as the festival is from 25th – 29th August 2020 you can always follow the festival social handles for update or any changes, I urge all film makers to submit their entries before the closing date which is 30th June 2020.

I will end by saying I love you and wishing all christians a wonderful celebration.


Kashim l. Audu
(Founder KADIFF)

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