Dismiss And Jail ACP Ibrahim Abubakar Now:  A Press Release By Netzit Patriotic Front 24 September 2016

After the 2nd August attack on about four communities in Godogodo Chiefdom, we heard that the Superintendent of police James Ashafa who managed to repel the satanic fulani forces against innocent Godogodo victims was severely reprimanded by his boss, the Area Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Ibrahim Abubakar. This rumour came to us like a script straight out of a horror movie, because it sounded too absurd to be true. It was unheard of that a police officer would be reprimanded instead of decorated, for bravely repelling a band of armed fulani murderers.

Eventually, another rumour claiming the ACP was bribed with 2 million naira by the fulanis to allow them free access into decimating the Godogodo people came too. The second rumour validates the first rumour, because it explains why SP Ashafa was reprimanded. It explains why the killings continued even after the fulanis were purportedly repelled by the police and soldiers deployed. It explains why soldiers’ presence still didn’t stop the killings – perhaps because the CO of the operation was bribed too. It explains why the aim of the IMC of Jama’a Local Goverment Area, Katuka Humble stakeholders meeting of 5 August 2016 was futile. It explains a lot of things we would not enumerate here. So much for the government of ‘gaskiya’ and integrity with zero tolerance for corruption.

Information reaching us recently from Barrister Maisamari claimed to have caught the same Area Commander, ACP Ibrahim Abubakar, saying that the fulanis have what it takes to decimate a community in the same area of Jama’a Local Goverment. This last information substantiate the claims in the first and second rumours. Indeed the area Commander reprimanded SP Ashafa for not dying under fulani fire but daring to defy the odds and live. Indeed the Area Commander collected a 2 million naira bribe to aid the fulanis in massacring people in his area of command – people he was detailed to serve and protect.

The puzzle here however is how such Area Commander is yet to be dismissed and jailed. Why is Kashim Ibrahim House yet to summon and prosecute such very corrupt and erring officer under a corruption-combatant regime. Why is Kashim Ibrahim House quick to summon and detain Doctor John Danfulani, Comrade Nasiru Jagaba, Some Journalists, etc; but never criminal police bosses like ACP Ibrahim Abubakar for criminal conspiracy that has undermined the security of lives and properties of people in the south of the state?

It is a security threat for ordinary civilians to be credited with statements like that, and even worse for a public official to be credited with statements like that, especially one that is detailed to ensure the security and safety of citizens.

We demand that the Kafanchan Area Commander be immediately stripped of his appointment, de-ranked, prosecuted, dismissed and jailed for compromising the security of lives and properties of citizens which is the fundamental responsibility of government. Failure to do so will leave us with no alternative but to believe that the El-Rufai government is not alive to her primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of lives and properties of the citizens and any visitation and security sittings in Godogodo to this effect are all cosmetic shows. Kashim Ibrahim House must live up to her responsibility in proving to us that she is not secretly responsible to the beastly massacres perpetrated against the Godogodo people by using the ACP Ibrahim Abubakar as an example.

Signed: George Makeri
Netzit Patriotic Front

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