I avoided the emptation to put across any kind of essay while it ‘mattered’, when our dear country Nigeria marked her 56th Independence Anniversary on the 1st October, 2016. This was driven out of my dislike for Nigeria’s love for bandwagon approach to issues and discuss, often in the process making a cacophony of beautiful noises.
Hence, I stood aside and watched as many speeches, commentaries and goodwill messages were flying around and about: while some where beautiful nonsense, others were outright bunkum balderdash. I remember, reading religiously-biased crass madness; beautifully crafted masterpieces of fanaticism and irredentism; tasteless compilation of irrelevant and fathom achievements; heart wrenching pieces trying albeit unsuccessfully to justify our present sorry predicament as a country, but worst of all were ludicrously shallowly thought-out assemblage of blames from post independence Nigeria till 2015.
From government functionaries to the ordinary citizens, Nigerians seemed to be trying to outdo each other in constructing, scripting, critiquing and assembling messages, articles and essays in a bit to have had a say. Yours sincerely, is not given to all of that felicitation and flowery messages that hardly last beyond 11.59 pm of the anniversary night. Hence, I had rather engage in x-raying the true reflection of what obtains in Nigeria. Therefore, I had dwelt on the blame games that seem to take the centre stage amongst the Nigerian leaders and the led.
Therefore fellow Nigerians, do not blame the Muhammadu Buhari-led government for Nigeria’s woes, neither the All Progressive Alliance (APC) for our troubles. They too are victims of a system; a system that doesn’t work. Neither should you blame the past administrations, or the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). They as well, are hapless and mere scapegoats in this whole conundrum. Now, who do we blame fellow countrymen? You may ask.
Dear compatriots, let us blame it on the poor Nigerian masses; those that can’t afford 3-square meals, those graduates roaming the streets without jobs, those Internally displaced Nigerians going through untold hardship at the IDP camps, those whose heads are daily bashed in and brains spilt in car crashes on the death traps we call roads, those ragtag women languishing in squalor, those manufacturers closing shops due to crumbling economy and all those students that can’t afford fees. And let’s not forget all those Nigerians that can’t even win a mere wooden medal at international sporting events or were destined to loss, did I mention those homeless beggars on the streets, those guys too share in the blame? Yes, they all do. Remind me to mention those competing for spaces with rats in the dilapidated public schools, and those in dying centres nicknamed government hospitals/PHCs. And not forgetting all those women dying at childbirth. The list goes on and on, I can’t seem to be able to exhaust it.
Why am I so uncharitable? Why am I siding with the political class? The reasons are not farfetched; Nigerians are must gullible, sentimental and have a high tendency of inflicting pain to themselves, then blame it on others but self. You will be forced to agree with me that Nigerians are to blame for their condition(s): Nigerians know all too well, that the All Progressive Alliance is peopled with same politicians from the People Democratic Party, yet Nigerians said they voted for change, WOW! What a change.
Nigerians knew the inadequacies of Obj, Yar’adua, GEJ and now PMB, yet they voted them into power, only to call for their heads thereafter. Nigerians know they are being told see-through lies and promised white-elephant projects, yet they throng in truckloads and vote these guys in.
Nigerians are aware that the political class is shamelessly and mercilessly bleeding this country dry (then and now) and yet we gleefully listen to them, take sides with them and even fight ourselves to impress them. Nigerians daily suffer untold hardship, yet we align with these political parties that see us as necessary evils – using us as pounds in their game of loots, to justify the much they can curry and carry, while we stew in the soap of wahalla we gladly prepared with our own hands. Nigerians are aware that their votes won’t count, yet they queue up to vote. Nigerians are fully aware that all the rigging (then and now) is not for the good of the masses, but for the benefit of the political class, their families and their cronies, yet we help them snatch ballot boxes and kill each other. Just so they can ‘win’.
Nigerians are aware that at the top, religion and ethnicity fades into the background and never matters while the loot is the common bond, yet we listen to and heed to their bigoted diatribe.
Nigerian masses are fully aware that the children of the political class are the ones attending Ivy leagues schools on our taxes, only to return and continue to rule us, yet we call their parents our political mentors, leaders and even God fathers.
Nigerians are aware that, this country is headed to a certain doom, should we continue like this, yet we cheer them on, clap on and applaud loud nevertheless. Besides, we are from ‘the same’ political party, religion, region, tribe, ethnicity or clan.
Nigerians, know. Yes we know exactly how we got here, where we are headed and where we had end. We know it all. Sadly, we aren’t prepared for it. Otherwise, we had change cause.
Haven’t said these, the next time politicians tell you who to blame, tell them you already know who’s to blame. You, me, us the masses, we allowed them. And we encourage them to rape us till we are blue in the face and we in turn thank them for it.
Anyway, what do I know? Another blockheaded party urchin, extremist religious bigot, brainwashed regionalist jingoist, ill-informed tribal warlord will come down breathing fire on me for not blaming a Buhari, a Jonathan, a Ya’adua or even Obasanjo’. Please, go hang for all I care.
By Tim Maiyaki.

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