By Andrew A. Umaru

Democracy is the belief in freedom and equality between people, Or a system of government base on this belief. In which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people as defined by Cambridge advanced learners dictionary. The same source explained that “A strong opposition is vital to a healthy democracy” at the backdrop of the stated definition I wish to ask these questions.
What are the basic types of democracy in the world today?
What are the existing approach to democracy today?
How can the people directly be the government?
Any form of democracy tries in its own way to ascertain the will of the people and to bring public affairs into line with it. Theoretically this can be achieved by direct participation of all citizens (direct democracy) or by a body of elected representatives (representative democracy). Within the group of representative democracies the focus may be on strong president (presidential democracy) or on a strong parliament (parliamentary democracies). As already mentioned, the question is not whether there exist some forms of direct participation or of representation but rather on how much importance they are given in certain system.
Democracy is therefore divided and defined by two distinct approach namely the liberal and the social approach (if you like types of democracy). The difference between the two lays in the fact that liberal democracy is that which has an ingrained respect for individual rights, especially political rights (free speech, freedom to form political parties and lots more) and this has to do with two different system of government that is the constitutional democracies (Republics) and the constitutional Monarchy (as obtainable in the UK). On the other hand the social democracy is much more of an economic thesis. It makes claim about how the rough edges of capitalism can be smoothed out (through provision of a safety net via a welfare state).
Just a little about democracy now the next question, how can people directly be the government? “Jamahiriya” this is a system of direct democracy without any political parties government, is run by the people through local popular councils and communes called basic people’s congress. Which was the case of Libya under the late colonel Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi. So haven explained democracy I’d like to explain that dictatorship, oligarchies, monarchies and Aristocracies are all system of government in which people have little or NO say in who is elected and how the government is run. Now I asked these questions….
What kind of government do we have in Kaduna State? if it is democracy then I ask
What kind of democratic approach do we have in place?
Does it look like dictatorship, oligarchies and the likes are what we have in place of democracy?

If democracy is what we have in place then I DARE to ask where is my right with respect to freedom of speech and expression as provided by chapter 4 (fundamental rights) section 38 subsection 1 which allow me to be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion? Section 39 subsection 1, 2, and 3 that allow me to be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinion and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference?
Is my right and the right of my brother Dr. JOHN DANFULANI raped every day without a bit of respect for the constitution that makes our dear country a sovereign state by those whom our franchise brought into the seat of power? The ideals we share re-energized by the vision we had for our dear state was for and still remain for CHANGE in the direction of freedom and liberation from the chains of TYRANNY and IMPUNITY.
OUR thirst for change is about upholding our core values, respect for human life and recognition of the active works of the masses in exercising the power of their franchise to make MANY live their dreams and fulfil their ambitions of building political careers in the state and beyond. To have a state that is hopeful, liberated and inclusive.
IF constitutional democracy (that which made our country a republic) what we have today I DARE to ASK the government of our State (KADUNA STATE) to FREE JOHN DANFULANI and DROP ALL charges against him as it lacks merit and therefore embrace the true values of DEMOCRACY which enshrine the RULE OF LAW, The freedom to our constitutional Rights and the principle that we are all equal before the constitution. The government should proof wrong the painting of this portraits in the hearts of many that everyday our communities are dragged into a cesspool of Intimidation, Bigotry, Nepotism and Insecurity. Where a lot believe that our rights and dignity as a people is second to selfish interest, lies and socio-religious agenda. I call on all human rights activist, local and foreign organizations saddled with the responsibility of fighting for the rights of the masses and the defenseless to Stage an action. I call on the world at large to say NO to opposition prejudice to say NO to lack of regards for our constitution, to say NO to unlawful detention of the LEADERS of millions of masses across the State, to say NO to a corrupt judicial system as our constitutional democracy demands in full swing the participation of the people.

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  1. General Nasir El Rufai has never been a democrat. This is the kind of government, they can run where intimidation,denial of basic rights in a democracy. It is very shameful that for reasons other than ability to deliver,Kaduna State voted him into office. After what happened in Edo State I am beginning to doubt El Rufai ‘s Legitimacy. PMB that enjoyed a free and fair election under his administration INEC is manipulated to give results to favour the ruling APC that is the kind of democracy the likes of El Rufai understands. If the American establishment couldn’t return Clinton,God is still having a say in the affairs of men. Time will tell. God bless Nigeria and no where else.

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