It is so worrisome that some chieftains and elders of the People’s Democratic Party, alongside other  Dear PDP members in the Red and Green Chambers including some Governors, has decided to keep mute over the present ridiculous and slavery imposition, assaults on her members and verbal attack of the largest political party in Africa. It therefore becomes imperative to describe such complacency by these so-called PDP heavyweights as an act of cowardice and silent conspiracy.

History will bear witness to whatever roles you people play in standing affront to the party that boosted your political image and career thus far.

It is a huge shame to note that, the silence which is no longer golden, can be likened to developing cold feet to withstand Buhari and his group of security dogs. In same vein, it is sad that due to this self inflicted political subjugation by these PDP elites by aligning themselves under the sadistic shade of melancholy by one man whose only ideology is clothed with blackmails, lies, manipulations and intimidation, the general public whose hope of democratic continuity through the hope of a virile opposition party is gradually sliding into extinction.

Let it be known to these men and women that has benefited immensely from PDP but has decided to abandon it in utter delima that, posterity is watching and monitoring every step taken especially as it pertains to the constant harassment of PDP and it’s members.

If no step is taken to address these pending issues, disgrace, insults, intimidation and reclaim your roles as an opposition party,I’m very sure, some persons who still believe in PDP especially the youth, will be compelled to do the needful because any country with one political party system is considered as good as dead.

Prince Chux Davix Onyemaka,
National President,
Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians

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3 thought on “DEAR PDP, WHERE IS THY STING?”
  1. We are still witnessing d sting of PDP in all areas of our lives. PDP can no longer be d largest political party in Africa else dey would have easily won again. D only position no one can contest with PDP now is ‘The Largest Looting Political party in Africa.
    Don’t be surprised by what u see ur members do in d Nat Assembly. Dey n others in APC etc r overwhelmed by d honesty of purpose in fighting corruption n other vices within d instruments of law. Darkness n light cant compete for seat at d same time.

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