The dead of the former Sultan of Sokoto came with shock to Nigerians and especially the North.

The former Sultan died yesterday night in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital.

According to Sahara Reporters, the Sultan, who was deposed by the late General Sani Abacha’s government in 1996, was the father of the former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki to the former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The former Sultan Dasuki was born on 31 December 1923. He died leaving behind many wives, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He took over the throne from late Sultan Abubakar III, history has it that he was the first Sultan to have came from the Buhari house of Usman Danfodio Royalty of the Sokoto Caliphate.

Sultan Dasuki was succeeded by the late Muhammad Maccido, son of Sultan Abubakar III when Abacha removed him from the throne.

The event that caused former Sultan Dasuki his throne was aranged by the Abacha’s regime and carried out by the former military administrator, Yakubu Mu’azu. Mu’azu has summoned the former Emir to his office in the government house for an “emergency meeting” and have his Palace taken over by mobile police immediately he left for the government house, while his aides were temporally detained at a government house. The Emir was transported back initially to Yola and later to Zing in Taraba State where he stayed in exile.

The last time he spoke was from London in July 2015, when his house in Sokoto was searched by the State Security Service after his son was arrested.

He however, expressed surprised when speaking to BBC about the invading of his house by the State Security Service because his son was arrested.

He also said “yes it is against my son, but i am different from him. My house is different from his house. If the government has anything against him, let them check his house in Abuja and not my own house”

It was said that the Abacha government removed the former Emir Dasuki base on accusation levelled against him for travelling outside of the country at will and meeting with foreign dignitaries and interference in political matters.

He will be buried today according to Islamic rites!

According to Sahara Reporters, the detained former National Security Adviser was temporarily released two weeks ago to visit his ailing father, but he stoutly refused to accept any temporary release to visit his father saying he would not accept anything short of unconditional release as ordered by the ECOWAS Court.

It was reported that Mamman Daura, who is the most influential member of President Buhari Kitchen cabinet and who is married to the former NSA Dasuki’s sister, had tried to convince Dasuki Junior to accept the deal but to not avail.

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