Since the inauguration of Yahaya Bello administration who hail from the minority tribe in Kogi state, it was an opportunity to prove Igala wrong having held to power for over two decades but instead, it is worst of all.

Having secured the apex court victory in late September! the body language and policies of government smacks of sold entity. Kogites have been left pondering on the whereabouts of our Governor as the state remains grounded as the activities is on hold interms of services, dearth of policies and denial of basic necessities of life to its teeming populace particularly the civil service and pensioners.

Team of liars and crooked men and women without direction have populated and dimmed the euphoria of joy and happiness that heralded the new dawn in Kogi state.

Unfulfilled promises of Government and display of illiteracy on governance issues, hence living an illusion, pretending that their eyes are set of virtual reality. Yahaya Bello allowed himself to have been deliberately ruined and misdirected by the arrogant and illiterate aides and portends great danger and crime against humanity to mislead the government.

The notion all around the state saying he does not mean well for the civil servants in the state is not far from truth and a glaring scenario as the screening and verification exercise embarked since late February to date is still running endlessly, yet so many workers live in regret and agony of non payment of their emoluments and pension.

Why the bail out, if it cannot be paid to the deserving workers after about seven months of collection with unreconcilled and unrealistic disbursement doting the pages of our national newspapers to legitimized his avarice attitude?.

The bailout fund is yet to be accounted for,  yet the workers are still groaning in anguish and agony, the state is in shambles, poverty ridden and starvation as it is easier to afford a litre of petroleum in Lokoja, the confluence state than to get a drinking water, nothing is working and the government is not ready to be accountable as the right of people are treated with ultimate disdain and I don’t care attitudes.

The governor and it’s officials have abandoned the responsibilities of managing both human and material resources and took to exile themselves in foreign countries under the guise of health related matters leaving the state in a complete comatose interms of social, economic and basic services due to its citizenry, only to engage in childish attitude of posting pictorials on social media to relive people belief in the near grounded journey with tax payers fund.

On routine, things are so bad in the state as people are dying gradually with no end in sight to staff verification as some establishment have not collected a single pence this year. The clamour to Yahaya Bello to pay the dying pensioners their take home token and pensioners as Yahaya Bello and his appointee enjoys all their entitlement anytime he received the allocation. and it may suprise you to note that most of the civil servants who facilitated the disbursement to his own use are not paid their own salary.

Bello whose extraction from the minority tribe in Kogi state have every opportunity to prove Igala wrong but instead his own is even getting worst . Instead of them to acknowledge their failure and realize that they are living beyond expectation and their performance is so abysmal they choose to engage in name calling, abuse the opposing view, until date the governor team are yet to inform the Kogites the whereabouts of our Governor as being rumoured by some media houses. Many unconfirmed sources said his movement is an economic trip to attract investors in Germany, Dubai, India and etc.

The state economy is in shamble as the government is taken for a joke and a child play, it is dangerous to become an unrepentant “displayer” of ego and ignorance.

It spells doom and heralds a tendency to crush its own good intention, nobody knows it all, Bello the young governor in Kogi history instead of seeking to know the administration is being ran from his predecessors  has instead declared war on his them and tag political opponents as enemy, even his own party has rejected him.

This is the man who never contested for an election but was made to inherit the votes casted for late Prince Abubakar Audu instead of him being magnanimous in this God given opportunity he instead, has chosen to develop into a monster and turn himself to be a punishment on the good people of Kogi state.

By Usman Okai Austin

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