From my research on this trending topic, there is a correlation between covid-19 and 5G. I will tell you. COVID-19 enters the body through interaction with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). During infection, the S protein is cleaved into subunits, S1 and S2. S1 contains the receptor binding domain (RBD) which allows coronaviruses to directly bind to the peptidase domain (PD) of ACE2. S2 then plays a role in membrane fusion.

The amino acids destroyed in this process is the same destroyed by those exposed to 5G radiation. The persons exposed to 5G network radiation will test positive to COVID-19. The COVID-19 are airborne and contagious. Those exposed to 5G radiation will have same symptoms as those with covid-19 but can’t transmit their sickness because it is not contagious.

The 5G radiation kills more people than the covid-19 because more people are exposed to the radiation. Where the tricks comes in here is that both cases of contagious COVID-19 and those exposed to 5G radiation will all test positive in the laboratory because same amino acids is destroyed in the body of their victims. The testing kits is to determine which amino acid is destroyed or which fluid is present in the body as a result of the damaged body cells.

The Idea is to make believe that the COVID-19 is spreading so fast to become pandemic to create fear in global citizens. What people need to know is that, those sick of covid-19 and those exposed to the 5G network radiation will die same way. So, you can’t differentiate between those that have contagious COVID-19 and those exposed to the 5G radiation except one is contagious and the other not contagious.

The aim of the global scientists is to sell nano-chips vaccine that will restore the destroyed amino acids in the body of their victims who are carriers of covid-19 and those exposed to 5G radiation. This nano-chips vaccine will cure both covid-19 and 5G radiation effects. This nano-chips vaccine can be remote controlled through and by 5G network because of its power effects and superiority over other generations of networks. Those that will go for the nano-chips vaccine can be manipulated and their thoughts can be controlled with the help of 5G network. That way, the developers can put a thought in the mind of the victims to commit murder, to steal, to rape and commit all social vices you can ever imagined. The victims won’t be themselves anymore because they are now connected to the internet through the nano-chips vaccine that will have an interference with the brain. However, those behind it can’t succeed now because rapture has not taken place yet. They are just testing the devices as it will be use on that last day.

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