Concerned people and the victims of Governor El-rufai’s leadership style staged a protest on April 05, 2017 at the Nigeria Union of Journalist’s (NUJ) Correspondence Chapel along Mahammadu Buhari road, at the time KadInvest was taking place at the Murtala Sqaure Kaduna. The protest was on the way and manner he treats people from the Southern part of Kaduna, the Shiites and of recent the incarceration and inhuman treatment of the B’gwam Kurmi of Kurama nation.

It is no longer news that the governor enjoys sending dissenting voices to prison. It was initially Dr. John Danfulani followed by Comrade Nasiru Jagaba who was also charged to court on incitement. Recently, Mr. Luka Binniyat, a journalist with Vanguard was also incarcerated and charged to court for inciting in one of his articles.
The people came out en masse to express their grievances. They were holding different placards with various inscriptions on them such as; #Say no to genocide in Southern Kaduna, #Re-open Schools in Southern Kaduna, #Stop the. persecution of the Traditional Leaders, #Free B’gwam Kurmi, #El-rufai stop being biased #Judicial Independence zero, #Free Luka Binniyat, Audu Maikori and Nasiru Jagaba.

The spokesman,David Ayuba Azzaman,while fielding questions from journalists called on the foreign investors that came for the event to intervene in bringing peace back to Kaduna State, most especially the southern part.
His words “We’re here to send a message to the government of the state and for Nigerians to know what is happening in Kaduna State, especially foreign investors that are in our state today, in the program that is called KadInvest”. He pleaded with the Kaduna State Governor El-rufai to free the B’gwam Kurmi. He said “We’re here to call on the government specifically the governor of Kaduna State,Mallam Nasiru El-rufai to free B’gwam Kurmi, Dr. Ishaku Sambo Damina whom as at today is in his 14th day in prison. A man of that status should not be in prison this long. It’s a slap on the Kurama people of Lere,Kubau and Kauru Local Governments including some parts of Plateau and Kano states that our paramount chief is being arrested and detained”.

He also called on the Kaduna State governor and the presidency to free Sheikh Elzakzaky since the court has made a pronouncement on his release thus “We also call on the governor of Kaduna and the Federal governments to free Sheikh Elzakzaky because the court has given the go ahead on the pronouncement to release him but the government is still keeping him.
Elzakzaky is well known to be sick. He is about to lose one of his eyes but the government is still keeping him despite the fact that the Amnesty International and many other bodies have called on the government to release him. Let him be released without any delay and with immediate effect.
We’re also calling on the governor of Kaduna State, Nasiru El-rufai to stop being biased. He is being biased in his governance.

When a governor is hailed and praised by his own people while the other people are crying, he should check himself and his style of leadership. He would discover that something is wrong. He has to check his style of leadership in Kaduna State. He is being biased, he is treating other people as if he is only a governor of certain people in the State while neglecting other people.

It is also known that this governor has been stepping on the toes of our traditional rulers, he is treating them very badly. Many of them in Southern Kaduna are under suspension while others have received letters of query. He should stop harassing them, our traditional rulers have their own freedom and rights.
The continued closure of schools in Southern Kaduna is uncalled for, KASU (Kaduna State University,Kaduna State College of Education in Gidan Waya and the School of Nursing Kafanchan all located in Southern Kaduna have all remained closed. He has to reopen those schools and shouldn’t attempt to say he would relocate them from Southern Kaduna because doing so will send a signal that that is why the killings in the area under review are going on.

We’re calling on the government to open those schools so that our children will go back to their schools, also,we’re calling for judicial independence. There is nobody on earth that the court will say do this and the person will come out and say no. there should be total judicial independence. We have three arms of government and all of them have separation of powers. The Executive and the Legislature should allow the Judiciary to do their work, let them function well.

For the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna,let the governor end it. Genocide is still going on. The people cannot go to their farms, people cannot harvest their crops. When they dare it… they are being killed.He is the chief security officer of the state, he has the security in his hand, let him stop the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna. If the governor can pay the herdsmen, what about the victims who are there with no food, they are in IDPs, let the governor do something about them not only paying the herdsmen. The governor should not be biased, he should not be the spokesman of Fulanis. He should be the spokesman of everybody in Kaduna State both the Fulanis, the Shiites and the Christians. He should be the spokesman of everybody. He should not be a one sided governor”.
A journalist working with TVC asked further questions “We have the International Community now in Kaduna State vis-a-vis the killings that have been ongoing for a while. Wouldn’t you rather advise them to partner with the government in that regard”?
The spokesman responded thus “anything that would bring peace in Kaduna State is welcome. If the foreign investors can do something to bring peace in Kaduna State, it is welcome. It is peace we want. Southern Kaduna people are peaceful. We are not trouble-makers, like the issue of B’gwam Kurmi,Kurama people of Lere Local government are known as peaceful citizens ,even the killings going on in most parts of Southern Kaduna have not happened in Lere Local Government. We don’t know why the governor will want to ignite crisis in a local government like that, anything that will bring peace in Kaduna is a welcome development”.
Abdulmumini Giwi, the spokesman of Islamic Movement in Nigeria also contributed thus “We are in solidarity with this protest because the situation in the state is very unbearable and it is an unfortunate situation where a governor becomes the governor of a particular sect or section of the state and neglecting the rights and freedom of othersn the state.
We in IMN are the victims of this kind of act of state tyranny. The governor and the presidency are anti Shiites simply because they differ in understanding of religion. That is why the federal government has descended on us. We don’t share the same Islamic idea with them. That is just the reason and they are using power with impunity on us. They have turned us into an endangered group. The state has sponsored thugs who are escorted by the police to attack us in our houses thereby killing our people. Several of our people were murdered by the Nigerian army before the very eyes of the people in Zaria. Several others were buried alive in mass grave because they had gun shots and others were buried alive, the governor came to tell them that he buried people in mass grave according to Genève Convention or whatever.
This is a total violation of human rights, a court of competent jurisdiction here in Nigeria,that is the Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the release of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife with compensation and also the rebuilding of the house which was demolished by the government and the military and also to provide him with police protection. All of these have been violated and the government has refused to obey the court order. Imagine what type of government this is. You cannot continue to rule people as you know, acting as if you know it all, sense of state terrorism or with impunity and killing people anyhow. We are Nigerian citizens,we have the right to worship. We have to belong to any religion or any section of the country. It is very unfortunate that a state government will be paying killers of other people to prevent them not to kill, what kind of state is this?
You’ve already established that these are the people killing in Southern Kaduna and you go to pay them not to kill? What kind of judgment is this? We condemn these acts completely, we want a normal situation where a single school of thought that is accepted by the generality of Nigerians to be followed which is the Nigerian constitution, you cannot just be creating laws and bending them to suit your own personanal whims and caprices, we do not accept all these. We condemn these and call on the international community who is here for investment to be aware that this government actually is a disgrace to democracy”

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