The legislative arm of government remains the only organ in any society which can claim to compromise the accredited representative of the people, and can, therefore, legitimately make laws for, and supervise the administration of the affairs of, the people. It is also the most effective and acceptable organ which mankind has evolved for their promotion, at all times of what Lincoln pithily described as “the government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

We the good people of Makera Constituency have so long been short changed by the those who been negatively representing us, over the years there have not been any tangible representation, no dividend of democracy for the benefit of all, no project, policies or programs that have direct bearing to the masses from our representatives.

There have been little or no Federal or State project sited within the constituency, the worst is the undemocratic style of leadership by those representing us, no feedback mechanism on the ongoing policies and programs of the government, there are no constituency office for the masses to go and make inputs on the governance process of our state.

It is from the above premise, that we the entire members of the Concerned Makera Youths are sending a clarion call to Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik, to come and contest for the seat of Member representing Makera Constituency, Kaduna State House of Assembly come 2019.

The choice of Hon Ezekiel B. Karik to contest is not farfetched, as he has remained consistent in his service to humanity, he is an astute leader, a grassroots politician per excellence, a sagacious politician, blessed with the clarity of thoughts, detribalised and patriotic, which he has over the years shown in his politicking and service to humanity.

The antecedents of Hon. Ezekiel B. Karik has proven him to be a leader with great attributes of sincerity, purposefulness and one who has remained resolute in ensuring that he develop his community and his people. He has risen from the lowest rank of political leadership as a Councillor then in Kurmi-Gwari Ward and rose to prominence, which has made him a household name in the politics of Kaduna South Local Government Area and indeed Kaduna state as a whole.

We wish therefore, to say it loud and clear, that Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik remains our candidate come 2019, we believe that in him, we will get the true form of representation at the State House of Assembly and the collective development we crave for in Makera Constituency will be achieved. Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different result, Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik is the best man for the job and we believe he will represent us well and set us on the path to greatness and positive result.

ALH. Umar Baba Zango.
Hafisu Harisu Kakuri.
Jacob fadason.
Haruna Sambo Barnawa.
Musa Daniel Yerima.
Tanko Umar.
Shekari Don.
Samiala Joshua.
Chingtok J Rong.
David J. Tanko.

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