It’s said that, ‘virtue signifies power, strength, and ability’. Thus, virtue is an excelling character that gives one the power to act in a way acceptable and endearing, with strength sufficient to do what is right. Virtue is the building block of one’s character, and without it one’s moral life will eventually collapse under the pressures of the world.

CMRD. DANLADI HASSAN BOYIS, popularly known as (DBH) in both his professional and political circles, is a man of virtue, attested by both young and the aged who have encouraged constituents should entrust their mandates, and support the DBH2019 project. Anyone who is close to him will agree he is a great visionary, a noble and good-hearted person, whose responsiveness to issues have been encouraging and endeared him to many. He is an inspiration to thousands, including the old and young, with his simple and humble lifestyle which have earned him the respect of being seen as a better and truly benevolent person, who is considered a world benefactor.

A few visible traits in Cmrd. Danladi BOYIS Hassan’s life worth stating, which got people attracted to him are:
• His humility.
• His caring attitude.
•His wisdom and intuition.
• His love for humanity.
• His sense of humour.
• His generosity.
• His farsighted vision.
• His thoughtfulness.
• His encouragement.
• His Faith.
• His believe in possibility.

Those who know Cmrd. Danladi Boyis Hassan will without doubt agree with the attributes used in describing him. These attributes define ‘THE MAN OF VIRTUE’ in him.

Let’s support his aspirations as House of Representatives Memeber, Jema’a/Sanga Constituency. It’s time we support what is right. Only through this can we have true representation.
It’s all about the right choice- DBH2019.

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