On the 22nd of July, 2017; SOKAPU Youth Wing organized a one day stakeholder’s dialogue on good governance and political participation held at BBS Diamond Suite, Barnawa, Kaduna State. The event brought together youth stakeholders from the 23 local government SOKAPU chapters, 53 community development associations under SOKAPU, opinion leaders, political actors and the media. The key objective of the event is to strengthen Southern Kaduna youth participation in the governance process and politics towards enhancing inclusive development.

There were three short presentations from: Mr. Emmanuel Bonet on – Budget monitoring and evaluation; Barr. Sam Atung – Political Education; and Dr. KajitBagu – Youth Political Participation. Various stakeholders in attendance also aired their views on the possible solutions and way forward in mainstreaming Southern Kaduna youth in governance process and politics in Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole.


After extensive discussion the following were observed:

  1. There is low participation by Southern Kaduna youth in monitoring and evaluating the budget process in Kaduna.
  2. The Southern Kaduna youth showed there readiness to participate in the budget process even though it is the responsibility of the government to make participatory.
  3. To demand accountability, the Southern Kaduna youth must participate in the leadership selection process.
  4. It is only through budgeting that we can make Chapter two of the Nigeria Constitution realized.
  5. The pull him down syndrome is a cog in the wheel of our progress as a people. This negativity must be dropped if we are to unite and move Southern Kaduna forward. What is needed among the Southern Kaduna people is change of attitude.
  6. The need to have a Southern Kaduna Development Plan.
  7. That the present political order called Nigeria needs more than just restructuring, but fundamental re-conceptualization and reorganization based on moral principles of equity, justice, plurality/diversity, effective peace-building, and sustainability.
  8. The activities of Southern Kaduna youth on the social media has contributed in attracting the attention of the world to our plight.


We resolved as follows:

  1. The Southern Kaduna youth unanimously agreed to draw up a long term political agenda that cuts across political affiliation.
  2. Set up a strategic committee to develop the political agenda.
  3. To support only political platforms that are ready to make available 40% of all its elective and appointive position to the youth.
  4. To support on credible candidates in elections with the temperament to accommodate all regardless of religion, ethnicity and region.
  5. To develop a scorecard to hold accountable our political representatives especially the legislators; which is key to opening up the budgetary processes.
  6. To take our crusade on political participation and good governance down to our various communities.
  7. To develop a mentorship culture to bridge the generational gap and consequently build and empower the future generations to create the kind of participation we seek.
  8. To apply for more voter registration centers from INEC, to ease the difficulty of our people in accessing them.
  9. Adopt the one year SOKAPU Youth Wing work-plan presented and called on the Executive Committee to diligently implement it.

The communiqué was endorsed by all stakeholders in attendance through a unanimous voice vote as a true reflection of what was discussed and agreed upon.


Comrade NasiruJagaba

National Coordinator, SOKAPU Youth Wing


Comrade Abel Bazinbe Jnr

Secretary General, SOKAPU Youth Wing






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