The heart of man, though hidden on the inside but reflective on the outside especially when such an individual is a reliable fellow whose activities, devotion and commitment to Nation building has a vast record and positive antecedents.Prince Silvester Ogba Dugbo,chairman, managing director, PSOD foundation group of companies, is a philanthropist, a well read, educated enigma and business player cum consultant whose vast knowledge of management and administrative know-how has distinguished him as a rare individual among his peers.


Aside his vast experience and academic prowess , Prince Sylvester Ogba Dugbo, had his first academic pursuit in University of Benin, Edo State where he bagged his first BSc in Business administration with numerous awards and subsequent certified programs outside the shores of the country. As a quintessential fellow of repute, this humble son of Udu Local Government Area in Warri town, Delta State is an unassuming youth leader in so many facets.


As a young man with a large heart, he has taken several indigent people out of the streets and provided shelter over their heads through his PSOD Foundation, an NGO that has is designed to cater for the less privileged in the society which mainly embark on giving scholarship for indigent students. His sense of interest in human nature has placed him above par and his cravings for better Living especially to the downtrodden who he usually spend time with has earned him a popular nick name. (a man of many parts).

Born into the family of the popular chief justice Dugbo, an indegne of Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, Prince Sylvester Dugbo’s wish is to see his people liberated from the shackles of political negligence and abandonment especially as the country is on the blazing trail of democratic tenets.

The youth in this regard, are left with no choice than to clamor and bring to notice their ultimate intention by bringing this quiet youth with a meek heart into the political circle of Warri town in particular and Delta State in general.

The time to restructure the unparalleled political equation in Udu constituency has clamored for a reputable enigma whose eyes is mainly focused on how to bring back the glory of UDU people and that of Delta State back to its standpoint of political correctness. There is therefore no vain saying that, for any individual to stand before the people, such a person must have what it takes to lead and represent the people wholeheartedly and devoid of personal aggrandizement . Prince Silvester Ogba Dugbo, is one servant Udu people in particular must not allow to slip off their grip come 2019

Unlike before where political positions are sold to the highest bidder rather than allowing those that are capable to handle same, the people of Udu town, having been craving for a better fresher breath will undo their political bidding if this rare gem with vast knowledge of what his people need to step in to the next level is not given a chance come 2019.


In a complex society like Nigeria where so many puzzle are begging for answers, solutions is the only imminent interest that is wishful for all. As a National grass roots player, he has bagged several award both locally and internationally as a result of his resilience and overwhelming view about prospects that can be nurtured in ensuring the people of his home town are catapulted out of political shade of melancholy.

Aside this gentle gem coming from Delta State , for any society to grow tremendously, the youth ought to be given fair and equal chance especially rare product like Prince Silvester Ogba Dugbo whose political knowledge of Delta State is unbridled and deeply rooted. If there is any word to be used in championing any cause that will convoke Udu local government Area of Delta State to migrate from its old archaic and unequaled representation, that word is best deserved and be spoken with every certainty. ” OPERATION HIJACK PRINCE SILVESTER OGBA DUGBO and bring him to re-awake the sleeping needs of the people. It’s high time he serves his motherland that gave birth to him.

This is a clarion call and should be taken seriously so as to save the dwindling political face of Udu Constituency‎

Prince Chux Davix Daniels,



Delta Youth development Assembly. (DYDA),

DeltaYouth Congress

Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians

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