A major crack and bad blood in the kitchen cabinet of kogi governor yahaya bello may eventually bring the cabal government down as unhealthy rivalry pervades between top government officials with a major one between COS to the governor,Edward onoja and finance commissioner Idris ashiru have threatened to bring down the administration

The crises occasioned by the superiority complex of the COS to act as defacto governor as an aide and the insistence of the later as an appointee of the government who does not owe it’s allegiance to an aide to the governor

The misunderstanding which had been on for sometimes,became full blown ‎when activities of the government is slowed down purely on personal reasons from both officers

It has become a know fact in the present administration,it is now divided along that line for those loyal to COS and those answerable to finance commissioner hence retarding the day to day running of the state

Requests and approvals from the government for disbursement and reimbursement are now stocked between the COS office and the finance commissioner owing to the differences

Kogi governor,Yahaya Bello deliberately feign commiseration testament of kindegatten style of administration that had brought a major set back to government business in kogi state

It has been the conduct of kogi governor COS to arrogate power of leadership on behalf of the governor,a decision that does not go down well with Idris ashiru who believed he is also the leader of the people from the western senatorial district

Members of the state executive council,kogi Deputy governor,SSG,political office holders and governors aides queue to see yahaya Bellos COS who deliberately designed input from his office for any government policy to fly

Similar crises of superiority was earlier in the administration witnessed between the SSG to the governor and Edward onoja which led the former issuing a query to the later before it was ressolved

It is only in kogi state,the chief of staff to the governor ‎had made the office so powerful and extra ordinary were people take turn from morning till night waiting to route,see or confer with him on issues that boaders on the progress of the state

CoS mean Chief of Staff to the Governor

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