As the Local government polls in Kaduna State draws nearer, candidate have continued to reel out their plans, manifestos, policies and programs that they intend to pursue when elected into office.

A top contender for the position of Chairman Chikun Local Government Area, Hon. Maikai M. Adamu is of the view that Chikun Local Government Area is entitled to have improved leadership.

He said “Over the years the statutory function of the local government as enshrined in the constitution have not been practised religiously by past leaders. Local government are said to be the closet level of government to the people and as such the local councils ought to be the most accessible and responsive institution that should be there to meet the immediate needs of the people, but this has not been in practice, local government are today unproductive, unresponsive and in a near stage of comatose. Though over the years, some factors inhibit the performance of local government, these problems inter alia include; leadership problem, lack of accountability, poor planning and weak programming capacity, poor financial base and limited revenue among others”.

He went further to assert that, ‘Basically the problem of leadership has been the bane of development in many underdeveloped countries, which Nigeria is one, but if we can get the right leadership at the grassroots level, I believe their will be a paradigm shift which will have effect on the state leadership up to the federal level. I therefore call for the support, corporation and votes of the people of Chikun Local Government to positively change the dynamics of leadership in our local government, there is a need for our people to feel a fresh air of change, we will ensure we run a transparent leadership, that will carry the people along and ensure we try to impact positively to the developmental stride of our communities, we will get the youth involved to help reinvigorate our democracy, keep our ideas fresh, diversify the playing field and allow modern approach to ancient problems, to us it is a moral duty upon us that we will ensure that we give our best and raise the standard of leadership’.

He ended by appreciating His Excellency Gov. Nasir Ahmed El-rufai for giving a level playing ground for all aspirants and called on his supporters to campaign with decorum, peace and desist from hates speech and campaign of calumny, he also prayed for the peace of Kaduna State and Nigeria at large.

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