If there is any powerful force I have seen evolving with great drive to shape the political and business turf of Nigeria for the better is Mercy Swanta. Her deeds although might be unknown to her has influenced many youth. Knowing mercy as a blogger and digital entrepreneur was based on the kind of upright massage she shares.

I reason Kaduna political system is soon to experience a shift in both ideology and practical impact; this shift will be influence by certain few Kaduna Youth who have avail themselves, sacrifice their own interest and comfort for a better future for Kaduna State. Hence, Mercy Swanta is one of the fore runners of such shift, contributing immensely through her voice.

If there is anyone who has not heed to the so-called limitation of feminism, it’s Mercy Swanta.

I have thousands of words to go on and on to describe this beautiful gift to humanity. It is glaring that anywhere she enters she transforms for the better, who she encounters she impact. Her life is indeed worth celebrating.
Happy Birthday Mercy Swanta.

Daniel Musa Yerima.

By swansy

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