December 13, 2016

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Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy(CEDRA) is a Kaduna based development and rights advocacy group.CEDRA’s area of coverage are the three northern Nigeria geo-political zones and the Federal Capital Territory(FCT).
For a very long time, Southern Kaduna villages have been under assaults by Fulani herdsmen.These irresponsible criminals have thus far killed, burnt and run over farmlands of the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna with impunity. Reports of these barbaric acts have been reported on local and international media. As we write, it is highly esoteric knowing the monetary value of their barbaric destructions. And we and the rest of people keenly observing unfolding events in Southern Kaduna are already losing count of people massacred.
Whilst these coordinated lethal assaults rages, development associations, lawmakers, religious leaders and youth organizations from the affected area drew the attention of the governor of Kaduna State to this sad development that is appearing to be a systematic genocide in Southern Kaduna. Despite numerous appeals for Mr. El-rufa’i’s immediate intervention, he has not nip in the bud this criminality by Fulani gunmen.
To dissimulate his unwillingness or incapability to be atop the situation, Mr. El-rufa’i keeps embarking on cosmetic political procedures like holding of State Security Council Meeting in Southern Kaduna and launching of a peace appeal billboard. Curiously, after every shenanigan,a deadlier dastardly act is committed by the same evil forces.
Whilst lamentations and wounds licking was going on, Governor El-Rufa’i appeared in many Nigeria newspapers piquing; he has identified and paid compensation to some of the killers of the people of Southern Kaduna .That he sent a scout team that successfully linked up with these lives terminators and arsonists in foreign countries like Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Senegal. His account suggests; the criminal gangs he assuaged are nationals of the listed countries.
The decisions and actions of Governor El-rufa’i were unconstitutional because Nigeria Federal arrangement placed Foreign Policy under the exclusive list. His unholy hobnobbed with some criminalistic foreign nationals encroached into powers set aside for the federal layer of authority in Nigeria.This is not only dangerous but a treasonable offense that must not go uninvestigated.
In addition to concerns enunciated hereinbefore, how was the payment(s) made to the so-called trans-borders humans annihilators and arsonists? Was it physical cash that was couriered across some porous borders or the compensation was made through globally accepted conduits of transferring money? Whether it was physical cash or wiring, the Nigeria’s currency policies have been flagrantly violated by a State Governor.
It is a globally accepted tradition that terrorists are not supposed to be rewarded. Because that will indirectly balloon the heinous vocation. Consequent to that, why should a state Governor breakaway from a norm that had been established globally? Sad enough, even after his illegal and immoral transactions with murderers, the killings continued with greater magnitude and sophistication in their operations.
We believe that these constitutional transgressions by Governor El-rufa’i should not go without investigation by the Federal Government. If the President looks the other way because of political party fraternity, that will automatically provide a blank cheque to other State Governors to embark on Foreign Policy missions. And gradually, States might begin to open diplomatic missions abroad. With time, some of them will begin to dabble into defense and immigration matters.
We are fully aware that presently Mr. El-rufa’i has immunity – therefore, he can’t be prosecuted. But the President can order for an investigation, and if found wanting, charges can be prepared and keep-in-view. Immediately his tenure expires on 29th May 2019, the law enforcement agencies and prosecutors can swoop on him.
Dr. John Danfulani
Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy(CEDRA) No.SF7 Zabura Plaza,
Behind Samrada Fuel Station Ungwan Romi,

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