Relief Materials brought by the Foundation

Southern Kaduna villagers have suffered so much from Fulani terrorists’ attacks over the years. The killings recently are consistent and serious that most of the villages were burnt down to ashes, hence the need for humanitarian.

Caleb Danladi Foundation took relief materials to Bakin Kogi in Kaninkon Chiefdom of Jema’a Local Government Area. The relief materials ranging from clothings, toiletries, oil and food items like rice, maize, etc. All you need to know about Caleb Danladi Foundation.

The Foundation team sharing items to the IDPs children
The IDPs from the Fulani Terrorists carnage.

The Internally Displaced People (IDPs) were overwhelmed and excited for the gesture shown to them by Caleb Danladi Foundation. They prayed for the founder of the foundation and his team, that God will remember him as he remembers them in their time of needs.

When addressing journalist, the founder of the foundation in person of Mr Caleb Danladi said it is necessary and important for his foundation to render help to the IDPs seeing their suffering. He also said that it will be bad of his foundation to pretend not to see the suffering of the people in the IDPs camp who have lost their love ones, houses and barns to this carnage.

His word thus; “This is what my foundation has been called to do. We can’t look elsewhere at this trying time for our people. The pain of someone somewhere should be our headache. This is why we should show our support no matter the current economic challenges, and pray our brothers and sisters who are now refugees in their own state return home as soon as possible”.

Caleb Danladi Foundation’s Staff

In advising the State and the Federal government, the founder of Caleb Danladi foundation said there is need for quick action for the IDPs to return to their houses. He further advised both State and Federal government to quickly act in bringing permanent solution to this crisis in Southern Kaduna.

He further said; “There is nothing as important as a man’s freedom, peace and security. I urge both the State and the Federal government to expedite action towards putting an end to this crisis so people can return to freedom”.



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