For those who had thought nothing of it, the rumours about the Governor of Kaduna State resolve to dethrone the HRH Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina is finally manifesting with the incarceration of the 1st class Chief of the Akurmi Chiefdom for 9 days now (and counting). It has become a duty for lovers of peace and national unity to keep watch in the happenings in Kaduna as the role of government in the State is becoming everyday self-serving and detrimental to peaceful coexistence and development.

The charges for which the B’gwanAkurmi is standing trial are criminal conspiracy, arson and abduction.  From background knowledge the actions of the Kaduna State government is in reaction to the role played by the paramount monarch in apprehension and handing over of a kidnapping kingpin to security operatives.

Whatever the issues are the man standing trial is innocent until proven otherwise but the event surrounding his imprisonment is clearly geared towards humiliating the monarch, and people of the Akurmi nation. This ill treatment of an illustrious Nigerian is not bait for the Akurmi people who have shown restraint and uncommon wisdom in engaging the matter positively through a press statement amidst such deliberate provocation by the Governor Nasir Elrufai administration of Kaduna State.

Each day that passes in Kaduna State today finds an administration in government failing to meet up to her statutory obligations doing nothing more than causing restiveness, provocation of peaceful coexistence with trends of divisiveness, contempt for her people and chauvinism. It gets difficult today to dispel thoughts from the mind, over the possibility that principal actors in the government of Kaduna State are perhaps suffering from substance abuse. An event as this makes case for the need of psychological evaluation of persons desiring public offices.

All the actions of this administration to break our collective will shall not deter us from our struggle for an egalitarian society. We will not be cowed. We will not rest our oars until all are free and the rights of all are observed. We are not unmindful of the efforts to undermine and incapacitate the traditional institutions in the State from the inception of this administration from none payment of salaries for the personnel and the State controlled local government service, the use of threats and the new height of it all the incarceration of a paramount ruler. An act intended to make example of one to silence all others. We have seen the antics of an administration seeking faults where there is none and making attempts of underdevelopment on communities that differ from the people in government.

God is on our side as we continue to battle the evils that have become poignantly man’s inhumanity to man. We enjoin all well wishers and people of conscience to keep watch with us as live through the times where government plays possum to the affairs of security, governance and development in Kaduna State and only those who oppose deliberately the efforts to make the insecurity of lives and properties of Nigerians in the State intractable are made victims of their own patriotic efforts. The anxiety with which the government is quick to bring about lawlessness depicts a serious need for pundits to look into how security votes are being administered and indeed whether the actors in government are themselves beneficiaries.

With all the persecution of vocal individuals on the security of a peaceful Kaduna State, the Governor and his cohorts are unmindful that their judgment is certain already in the heavenly place where the cries of the slain are heard where their pride and apostasy is recorded. The end is near.

Comrade NasiruJagaba

National Youth Leader,

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU)




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