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Many people have tried their best in writing about what ought to be done in eliminating the malicious missions of Fulani herdsmen in collaboration with regional and inter-regional bigots– amidst the boundaries of Southern region of Kaduna State.

Comrade (Dr.) John Danfulani have severely tried his best. Comrade (Dr.) Ephraim Goje have written quiet alot on the same premise. Comrade Mike Maikarfi, Comrade George Makeri, Comrade Anche C. Uyah and Comrade Steven Kefas –interalia – are well known in prescribing the possible solutions of southern Kaduna’s havoc. But instead of compensating them by implementing their recommendations, these philanthropists often end up been termed as Political Balkanizers with unison aim of tearing the work of retired General YJD Gowon of May 1967, apart. The natural consequences of waving hand to their pertinent solutions is the image behind the artificial status of Southern Kaduna: “Woebegone.”
Thought, of any kind, is only valid when it amount to action. Kaduna State can therefore be seen as Hobbesian state of nature on the account of its latent constitution.The same is the case at the Federal level which is why with the survival of political godfatherism, manifold rank-and-file citizens would be exploited till revolution remains the outstanding alternative.
Far from the adumbrated inevitable reality, the model of advance societies suggests that when there are writers and readers in the environment, limited pain and suffering would exist. But when there are writers without readers, it is inevitable for such environment to escape the rein of doom.
Why southern Kadunites remains in the same condition for decades is a jejune question. It is nothing beyond the consequences of their ignorance to obey the literature call for liberation movement from the hands of those sponsored individuals seeking socioeconomic and political gains. The dearth of readers who reads towards action; whose own regional interest overrides their selfish interests, and; readers who respect the handwriting of their kinsmen above any other – is adding salt to the wounds of Southern Kadunites.
For how long will Southern Kadunites be appraised that Kaduna State is an epitome of Orwell’s Animal Kingdom where all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others? For how long will Southern Kaduna writers depicts the meager volume of esteem the government of Kaduna State holds its southern region with? —These are questions every sane Kadunites would attest that they are condign to the inhabitants of Southern Kaduna. Hence, until they are claimed by majority Southern Kadunites, the expectation of something good from Israel would remained pessimistic reality.
As any student of government or any humanitarian discipline may assert; the people of southern Kaduna who are contemporary in the state of interregnum had for longevity failed to realized their potentials which has led to the latent position of Gurara State. Their natural resources are sufficient to cajoled them towards clamouring for self-government. And their artificial resources which are thrived from manpower can established a State more technological than any Nigerian State. Yet, negative application of knowledge had cause the poorly represented region to be the source of reducing the over population size of the State and the whole country.
The pre-requisite measure did not require somebody from southern Kaduna to engineer the executive functions of the State, much rather, the installation of regional interest. The living have seen who Late Governor Ibrahim Yakowa cast the pearls before the swine to. Only an ivory tower is naive about the paper leadership of the incumbent deputy governor of Kaduna State who tradition suggest to have being an indigene of southern Kaduna while the evidence on ground proves otherwise. Multitudinous are conscious about the manner in which the micro and macro southern Kaduna representatives claim comfortable in scrimping and saving in the black. Then, who are southern Kadunites to boast in possession of reliable political leaders like those in the northern region?
Beyond political factor, the level of civility illiteracy which the north symbolizes for time immemorial, is crystal-clear another threat to the political hygienic of innocent Southern Kadunites.
At 49 years of self-government, the “Centre of Education” State has remained a propaganda simulacrum posing to be an academically motivated entity above any other State of the Federation. It is only in such a State where illiteracy is the order of everything; people study against humanity thrive in order to become professionals in technical destruction of lives and properties.
No doubt; Southern Kaduna is in the state of siege. And as Chinue Achebe might have rightly put it, it has been condition to remained nothing but a source of extracting mandates through pork barrel and the mandate buyers will buy till the sellers have nothing to sell.
The measures against the perennial heinous missions in southern Kaduna are in numbers. Either of them is reliable only through motion. Some of them are immediate while others are remote solutions. To the former, Southern Kadunites have to use their constitutional mandates to recall their “Seat Warmers” apropos “Yes Men” political representatives in due process as guaranteed by the latent constitution. Haven done
that, commonsense should be allowed to choose their successors.

Organized rallies of protest to disseminate to the whole country and beyond about the longevity state of the region, should also be seen as immediate measure. As it has being, the media is control by the political class. They determine what to produce, how to produce, and when to produce. Mass protest will further conscientize the country about the form of Kaduna State democracy. Until then, the world will have another
reason to believe that Nigeria is not a democraticdom, rather, animal kingdom.
Southern Kaduna must believe in themselves, believe in the dreams of their ancestors of sine die rein of peace, and believe that there is no group of people out there to emancipate them rather than through their collaborative efforts. Why every Southern Kadunite must commit him/herself to this task is because no one is certain about where next will the mission be stationed. A stitch in time saves nine! Beside, exposing some facets of the evolution that led to the present menace at Jema’a Local Government Areas (LGAs) will clear all doubts. Early in
2013 when the mission was assigned to take place at Madauchi in Zonkwa, Zango Kataf LGA, majority southern Kadunites were sleeping.

When the mission was achieved, Fadan Kaje of Zonkwa, Zangon Kataf LGA was the next on list. Glory be to God, Government Secondary School Fadan Kaje’s students whom have been the primary target; scale through.
But the number of casuallies that were send to the land of no return within the cluster had proved that it is a mission of no-return-without-bloodshed. None of these incidences moved a great few number of Southern Kadunites to provide collective solution. It was so bad that in late 2013, a massive bloodshed have to be witnessed in Manchok of Kaura LGA to accomplished another evil mission. Within the span of January 2016 – August, 2016, a total of three vicious raids were carried out by the vicious Fulani Malitia at Gwantu, Sanga LGA. Now the the mission is accomplishing in Jema’a LGAs, Godogodo and Kafanchan in specific. Commonsense is asking Southern Kadunites: “are these not enough reasons to wake up and collectively bring an end to these menaces?” The answer should be seen through action.

The movement which every Southern Kadunites must involved for the sake of sustaining the dignity of every southern Kaduna indigene is not a day nor assembly exercise. Perhaps a remote remedy. Toddy Roosevelt had already provide the model to follow saying: “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” This in layman’s version can be interpret holding that there is no limit, boundaries, and price attached to the qualification of joining the liberation movement of Southern Kadunites.
Above all, antiquated is the era where kool-aid-drinkers produce a government. Southern Kadunites must be wary about the people they channel their mandates to. On several phenomena, they have been the root of the untold hardship, unemployment, insecurity, dearth of literacy and under development embedding Southern Kaduna. They must elect capable leaders even against their selfish interests. To vote and stand to be voted for is the sophisticated armour of conquering political evils. To wiped away the perennial logjams, majority, if not all, indigenes of southern Kaduna must be adherents of positive political culture.

Through the law of average, peace will once again prevail in southern Kaduna as it was in those days when people elect leaders to protect their lives and properties.


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