Over the month I have quietly remain put and watching the well scripted attack the Kogi state government lead by governor Yahaya Bello has directed towards your person and the struggle which you champion.

But in all this you have remain strong and not yielding to the adversaries of the oppressor.

Therefore I write to share affiliations with you,and equally admonish you to remain strong and resolute to the struggle for the political emancipation of Kogi state.

You must understand that the struggle for the liberation of Kogi state from the hands of the oppressors is solely built around you now,thus you are no longer just an opposition, or a PDP youth leader,but the eagle eye of the state,the spokes man for the common kogite,whose continuous predicament can not be heard,you are now an advocate of true democracy and a pronounce ambassador for equity in kogi state.

My dear comrade, I plea that you should never give up the struggle,I plea you should not relent,nor give up on this movement,off cause there are several challenges and hurdles to still be crossed,with several efforts of the oppressors to puncture your strength and lure you to their side,but please hold your ground as you have so far,and never stop having our dear people of Kogi state at heart.

Your integrity now holds the fate of the Kogi masses,your strength holds the agitation for the emancipation of Kogi state,and your giving up will not only worsen the present conditions of the state,but with destroy in total the future of the state.

Comrade,you must know that you now represent the unpaid workers,you must recognise that the opening of our tertiary institutions still depends on the echoes of your voice,the high level of poverty in kogi state can only be reduce through your continuous insist and your concern,the lack of common infrastructure,employment and empowerment still depends on your strength.

Indirectly you have become the peoples leader,you have become a trustee to our struggle,you have become our moderator and a spokesman of the people,most of all my comrade you have become the peoples strength and their new found courage and hope of ever been heard.

As bad as the state has become,do not give up the struggle,as large as the oppressors keep oppressing you,stand strong my comrade, as constant as the threaten you and attack your person,as powerful as their pressures may be,please hold on for the sake of the people and never see any reason to second.

Let them call you any name,let them accuse of any thing,and even say you are enticing the general public,or on a witch hunt,let them even say you are a sadist or you are been sponsored,if they want let them charge you to the supreme court or keep arresting you on a daily bases.

We beg of you to remain strong, refusing to give up and vehemently focused on the emancipation of your people.

I must also remind you that Kogi does not have any thing to give you back in return,we do not have a Den to make you the white lion, we do not have a Newspaper company to give you an award,we do not have any Radio station to ask them to sing your praise,or any siren to blow after you.

But one thing is for sure,you are now part of our history,you have become the Didan Kimathi of our own Mua Mua,your name will remain on our heart,your words will constantly reflect on our timeline,your sacrifices will be the banner we will carry and the anthem we will sing and march behind come 2019.

Remain strong my comrade,our prayers are with you,remain resolute we are heavily behind you,remain devoted…that’s all we need to defeat the oppressor.

And like Steve Biko noted, guide your heart from the oppressors,they are poisonous.

written by
Jacob Unekwu
idah,Kogi state,NigerHdhfhfhfhf

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