Happy New Year!

As we have bade a sobering farewell to 2021 and welcomed the year 2022 with optimism, confident in the fact that the new year holds out hope for us to rebuild our commitment toward the realisation of our dreams, I stand with you all to wish you a happy new year.

While 2021 now stands behind us with all its challenges, 2022 gives us an opportunity for a fresh beginning. Like someone once noted, the dream of the future is better than the history of the past. We can build a new future if we walk into the new year in unity, with confidence and determination, believing in ourselves and our potentials.

I urge you therefore to focus on the opportunities and positive potentials that the new year presents, not forgetting the lessons and challenges of the outgone year 2021. Let us all live in peace and love, and eschew anything and everything that could divide us and retard our collective progress.

Once again, a happy new year from me and may the year come with abundant blessings and great outcomes for us all, our state and our nation.

Thank you.

Barr. Sunday Marshall Katung

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