By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

It is no longer news that Barr. Muhammad Kabir Usman is set to win the seat of the National Publicity Secretary (NPS) of the largest political party in West Africa – PDP. To many political analysts, he is the best among the rest. The stentorian effects of his antecedents speak a louder volume devoid of ethnic coloration or a parochial framework. The legal luminary contributed his best quota to reshape the fortunes of the PDP thus serving as the National Legal Adviser. He is a man of impeccable character that transcends the borders of Nigeria; building a niche that attracts international accolades and recognition.

However, his candidature and impending victory is stimulating a pitiable discomfort in the corners of Lugard House. In recent time, the embattled government of Kogi state are sponsoring unwarranted campaigns of calumny against the most vibrant candidate aspiring for the seat of NPS. No doubts, Barr. Kabir is an influential figure in Kogi state and he is often regarded by many of his fans and critics as “a no nonsense statesman” hence his near emergence as a strong figure in the PDP is ignorantly digested by the tenants of Lugard House as a threat especially in the polls come 2019. But the schemes of the shamed arrays of mischief makers is dead on arrival because Usman is the most benevolent choice among the contestants. He wields a proven track record anchored on discipline, morality, fairness and justice for all and sundry.

To this end, it is my humble submission, that this clique of sponsored antagonists should learn and accept the lucid fact that Usman is the best candidate for the job and there is no combination of fallacious pursuits and inimical stratagem that can deter the cat with nine lives. Barr. Kabir Usman’s popularity was earned decades ago when his critics never thought of politicking. In other words, he is not a match that can nurse any anticipated phobia instigated by their poorly coordinated missiles and musing flaws because he is an experienced technocrat that is ready to render accountable services which is applauded and beneficial to the masses.

The lurking plans about to be hatched thereby using the anti graft agencies to witch hunt credible oppositions by the APC is another moribund quest baked by the illogical self acclaimed democrats lacking the knowledge of refined democratic practices. All over the world, the constructive criticisms of an opposition is a veritable tool utilised by incumbent leaders to deliver especially on their electoral promises. But, on this part of the globe, the supremacy of leadership is measured by the relative gag of the perceived opposing voices. This barbaric leadership style must be trashed because injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

The leadership of the APC (national and state level) should redraft their party ideologies to welcome critical engagements and a flexible rapport with the oppositions. The sure emergence of Barr. Muhammad Kabir Usman should not be seen as a threat but a time for the government of Kogi state to retrace their steps and correct their wrongs. Barr. Kabir should only be seen as a threat both at the national level of NIGERIA’S politics if our incumbent leaders are not willing to turn a new leaf.

Let it be stated clearly, that the recent merger of impotent failures to initiate and sponsor character assassination aimed at diminishing the image of Barr Kabir is too late because his victory is sealed. However, his anointed critics are engulfed in an inferno of sheer jealousy, full of sorrowful regrets because they fought hard yet he is winning the battle. It is my candid advice, that this shameful political lunatics championing a failed course should withdraw from their infamous trail and late conniving formula and join Barr Kabir to win the race. They should signal an early feedback to their paymasters, that the hunted prey is the king of the forest and he is not their equal even though he is equal to the task. Let us join hands to build a one, united Nigeria devoid of party affiliations. Barr Muhammad Kabir Usman is only a threat to democratic kleptomaniacs and the apostles of corruption.

Conclusively, the new disciples on a failed mission should divorce their evil union now before it is too late because their target and majority of well meaning Nigerians are presently singing the song of victory because victory is sure and nothing shall discourage us. To my dear party faithfuls and dignified Nigerians, I enjoin you to stay at alert and do not allow any political rascal to becloud your sense of reasoning; be objective.

Aluta Continua! Victoria accerta!!

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