The Southern Kaduna Women Development Foundation (BAZIDOW) on 29th March, 2017 took relief materials to Takau IDP camp and that of Bakin Kogi.

It is a known fact that some villagers and villages have suffered different attacks from Fulani herdsmen (terrorists) which resulted in many deaths. Approximately 808 people were reported dead according to the press release of the Kafanchan Catholic Dioceses of 29th December, 2017.

The women at Takau primary school the former IDPs Camp.

Bakin Kogi is situated in Jema’a, Local Government area of Kaduna State. It has a geographical co-ordinates of 9o29’0” North, 8o16’0” East. Bakin Kogi in Kaninkon village was attacked on Sunday, 19th March, 2017 at 5:30pm when the villagers just returned from Sunday service. They started hearing gunshot and before they got to know where the gunshots were coming from, their houses and food barns stocked filled with grains were set ablaze.
Many people were killed; about 14 people were killed by the Fulani terrorists that very Sunday.

The foundation president addressing the IDPs.

Swansylinks was part of the Southern Kaduna Women Development Foundation (BAZIDOW) that came all the way from Kaduna to Jema’a local government, which is located in Southern Kaduna. Another IDP camp, Takau IDPs Camp is also located in Jema’a local government.

One of the mass graves.

The materials taken to Takau by the Southern Kaduna Women Development Foundation was a Hillux loaded with clothes, rappers, shoes, handbags, Maggie, six gallons of palm oil, five bags of maize, five bags of rice, one gallon of liquid soap, etc.

Women in praying mood before leaving for Takau

On reaching the Takau IDPs Camp, we met an empty Camp. While we were wondering what had gone wrong that the IDPs Camp was deserted, Pastor Gideon showed up with two young women whose husbands had been killed by the Fulani terrorists.

Bags of Maize and Rice taken for the IDPs

The women also came to the Camp the same time with a freelance journalist who pleaded anonymity, who came from Lagos. The journalist said she was sent by a foreign organisation to visit and interview the IDPs. It was very unfortunate that both the journalist and the Women Development Foundation met an empty Camp.

Some of the relief materials.

The Camp is a primary school in Takau. Swansylinks interviewed Pastor Gideon Mutum who is in charge of the IDPs, and what we got as his response was shocking. Pastor said that the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasiru El-rufai had ordered them to leave the primary school, claiming that there was no IDPs in Southern Kaduna.

The women and the freelance journalist then went to Bakin Kogi where most of the IDPs stay.

The journey from Takau to Bakin Kogi wasn’t funny but the women and the freelance journalist made it to Bakin Kogi.

Mummy Dodo Patience, the president of the Southern Kaduna Women Development Foundation gave the villagers some words of encouragement and promised them that the women will be back to see them.

The women going round the village to see for themselves the burnt houses.

The sight of the burnt community was so pathetic. Those whose houses were burnt are now homeless. A family man narrated how his elder brother was killed and how the burden of catering for his brother’s and his family wasn’t easy. He also narrated how their children couldn’t go back to school again.

The man who lost his elder brother in the attack answering question from the journalist.

In another burnt house, I could see the ashes of Soya beans burnt and reduced to ashes. Similar scenarios in other places were narrated to swansylinks.

The burnt Soya beans

The women were taken round the village to see for themselves the gravity of the carnage meted on these villagers. The women were also taken to the mass grave where those killed were buried.

The women and the IDPs

In one of the mass graves, seven people were buried and swansylinks was able to get their names as follow;

  1. Dung Bitrus
  2. Rikichi Alkali
  3. Jonah Chiroma
  4. Gado Bizium
  5. Habila Kaka
  6. Dauda
  7. Jibita Hyat

Southern Kaduna Women Development Foundation (BAZIDOW) is an organization with organised leadership structure. To be a member in BAZIDOW one has to pay the annual subscription of the organisation.
The objectives of the organization are as follows:

  • To sensitize and empower the Southern Kaduna Women and youths to bring out the best in them through education, job creation and revenue generation to improve the economy of Southern Kaduna.
  • To promote the interest of Southern Kaduna women and Youth both locally and internationally.
  • To promote and encourage social activities among the members and their families.
  • To serve as an introductory conduit to professional services and facilities for members.
  • To promote communication between organizations with similar objects.
  • provision and or promotion of facilitated sessions, discussions, mentorship and other programs.
  • To promote accountability and transparency from public office holders
  • To advocate for good leadership.

The organization is divided into nine units which are as follows:

  • Education
  • Community Development and Empowerment
  • News and Information
  • Agriculture
  • Spiritual also to be known as Women on Bended Knees
  • Politics
  • Legal and Advocacy
  • Health
  • Finance

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