The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is making efforts to produce a consensus candidate at their forthcoming presidential primaries. The former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Atiku Abbubakar with his campaign team visited Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, who is also a forefront contestant in the presidential primary at his residence at Sambo Close, Kaduna.

Atiku Abbubakar, the Waziri Adamawa was in Sen. Makarfi’s house with his campaign Team. He said Nigeria’s leadership must be changed come 2019. He further said that the All Progressive Congress (APC) government has been turned to Headquarters of poverty in the world.

Atiku said it was necessary that he visits Sen Makarfi before the forthcoming party’s primaries. He also commended Makarfi for his leadership prowess as the former Caretaker Committee Chairman of the party,on how he successfully managed the crisis that bedeviled the party and how he steered the party through it turbulence period and conducted the most successful convention ever in the history of the party, that gave birth to the present leadership of the party.

Waziri Adamawa said, with Makarfi sagacity, prowess and feat in sailing the party through the political storms showed him as a powerful leader to recon with. And that is why he pays him the visit for them to synergy to save the nation’s democracy which is about to capsize by the APC. He further said, Nigeria is at a crossroads, therefore, all aspirants and well meaning Nigerians should come together and rescue the country from insecurity and poverty.
Atiku said; “Nigeria is at a cross-road, this is the worst time since 1999 democratic system.

“The misadministration of the APC government is very evident; we have the highest record of unemployment since 1999, we have the highest inflation, we have multiple exchange rate that discourages foreign investment. We have the highest level of insecurity since 1999.

“We are disunited this time more than ever before, people are more angry, people are poorer more than anytime. I mean, Nigeria is the headquarters of poverty in the world.

“This is unthinkable, for a country that is endowed with human and natural resources like ours, just because of lack of clear-headed leadership and direction, this is where we find ourselves.

“So, it is obvious that we just have to change the leadership of this country. When asked whether the PDP has the magic wand to change the country’s status quo, Atiku said, “of course, have you forgotten that, PDP governed this country since 1999 and we witnessed progressive development in all sectors of the economy?”.

Speaking on his visit to Makarfi, he said, “we are all members of the same family and we are working together to ensure that PDP produces the best candidate for the next election, so that, PDP can be
returned to power.

“I am a democrat and I have always worked with anyone that emerged, so I am ready to work with anyone that emerges through credible elections.
“Speaking about consensus, he said, consensus is their political family issue. When we close the doors and come out with a consensus, it will not be surprising”.

Makarfi in response reminded Atiku of their struggles for the party in the past, that Atiku is capable to lead the party. Makarfi further said he will loss nothing should Atiku picks the presidential ticket of the party.

According to Makarfi; “I am ready to work with any of the fellow aspirants that emerges, that is why I even said that, because I am willing to work with some of them, I won’t even step into their states.

“I am not aversed to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar becoming the party’s candidate, just like he is not also aversed to me becoming the party’s candidate, it is a family issue, we are talking and we will keep on talking”.

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