The leadership of our organization vehemently  condemn the unprecedented intolerance and obnoxious attempt by Nasir El-Rufai against all forms of free speech and constructive criticism against his government in Kaduna State.

It is rather unfortunate that since El-Rufai who was a known critic of past administrations assumed office as the governor of Kaduna State he has become highly intolerant of any dissenting voice against his administration.

The recent arrest and detention of Mr Luka Binniyat, the Bureau Chief of the Vanguard Newspapers on trump up charges is nothing but an attempt to gag the media and silence his critics in the state. This is apparently undemocratic, crude and uncall for.

It is a known fact that El-Rufai has ordered the arrest of Onyewu Dickson, Abdullahi BZ Barazana, Adamu Abdullahi, John Danfulani PhD, Nasiru Jagaba and others, all in a bid to cow his opposition to silence, despite being a furious critic in the past.

It is obvious that in an attempt to shut down dissenting voices the governor of Kaduna State has threatened and written to the media houses of all journalist critical of his administration to either be silence or transfered out of the state. We are aware that he has made several attempt to silence Luka Binniyat of the Vanguard Newspapers and others to no avail hence, this new conspiracy to intimidate him.

The question we keep asking is what is he trying to achieving or hide by all this?

However, we call on all members of the forth estate of the realm and other well meaning  citizens to remain steadfast and resolute in their quest for objective reporting and criticism, despite these harassment and oppression. Also, we call on the people to condemn in totality this heinous act of tyranny and oppression.


Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki


Abdulhamid Usman


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