Alas!Jama’a Local Government Area have been attacked by an unknown known gunmen,many Southern Kaduna have lost their lives,the attack is more intense in Godogodo Chiefdom.

From September 2016 to October 2016 more than three times the unknown known gunmen have launched their attack and there is no attack that will happen without casualties in Godogodo Chiefdom and the people that are dying are mainly Southern Kaduna Residence.
Further more,the lives of the Southern Kaduna especially in Godogodo is at the mercy of the unknown known gunmen,the lives of Godogodo residence is like a Candle in the rain that can be quenched by these marauders.
The unfortunate aspect of it is that these unknown known gunmen attack at will both day and night and it is after the marauders have used hours killing,kidnapping and rapping Southern Kaduna residence and after the gunmen are long gone that is when the security agents and government will surface.It’s pathetic that the highest government will do is to provide mere relief materials.
How truly relief are the materials while the killings continue and the dead can not be brought to life,yet with no sincere measure to avoid reoccurrence.
The killings have continue for more than one year now,my lecturer onced said,”when an abomination continue for more than a year,it has become a tradition”,Ezenwanta I.(Phd).Killing Southern Kaduna residence have become a tradition.
Former U.S.A President George W.Bush once says,”if you can not bring your perpetrators to justice,give them justice”,it seems that the government have given the unknown known gunmen justice by not bringing them to justice to face the full wrath of the law.
Godogodo residence should not be marginalize and left for dead,it’s the responsibility of government to protect lives and properties of her indigenes.These unknown known gunmen are not far from their prey,if Kaduna State Government can mobilize security personnel to bring an end of cattle rustling by going after them in the forest and capturing them,let alone to bring to justice the unknown known gunmen should not be a challenge to bring them to justice since human lives and properties are involved and the government of the state have sworn to protect her indigenes.
Right now Kaduna State Government have impose dusk till dawn curfew in Jama’a Local Government Area,but imposing curfew will not make peace to reign as long as the unknown known gunmen keep killing in Godogodo people of Southern Kaduna residence at will without being arrested and prosecuted by law.
The curfew will not be imposed forever, it will surely be relapse and later removed. What happens then when the curfew is removed and if the killing continue? Complete family in Godogodo have been killed by these heartless and evil unknown known gunmen that are ready to stop at nothing.
The last screw that broke the Carmel back was the attack on the 15th October,2016 that took placed at night which resulted to more than ten people losing their lives and many houses were burnt down by these marauders which led some youths barricading Kafanchan express way that cause Kaduna State Government to imposed dusk till dawn curfew.

In addition,Chikun Local Government is not left out by these unknown known gunmen,they have killed three people in Anguwan Ayaba in the month of September and on the 12th October 2016 they also killed three people along Kasanya village.They do come to attack with AK 47 and in numbers of fifty and above.Yesterday being the 16th October,2016 a village was attacked close to Gwagwada axis of Chikun Local Government Area and four youths have been shot dead by these evil marauders and some of the villagers are injured.
In conclusion,these unknown known gunmen have rendered so many Southern Kaduna children orphans,they have rendered many wives widows,they have made some husbands widowers,they are blood thirsty,and are killing Southern Kaduna and Chikun people at will and these innocent people have become their prey.
I advice that Kaduna State Government should use security personnel to put an end to these unknown known gunmen killings like they did to cattle rustlers. One is tempted to asked,are Southern Kaduna residence just waiting to be dying?

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