The General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has reacted to the accusations of alleged infidelity, threat to life and obstruction of access to children, raised against him by a former pastor of the ministry, Pastor Mike Davids. Apostle Suleman described the accusations as pure falsehood and cheap blackmail against him.

He said if he trained a daughter and a man threw her out, that he would take her back in as his daughter. He made the statement on Monday.

While reacting to the accusation, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, in a chat with news agency, discredited the allegations and was surprised why a pastor could put up such wicked lies and falsehood just to tarnished his image

Apostle Suleman, in the chat, said “Let it be heard and Apostle Sam Okpe( Pastor of Fresh Oil Ministry, Lagos), when you reached me to reconcile and help them, my reply was “the lady is an adult, let her speak for herself. I have no comments. But if I raised a daughter and you throw her out, i will take her in. That’s what a father does. If you have now come to your senses, make peace with your wife.”

Meanwhile, Pastor Faith Edeko of the Omega Fire Ministries has discredited her exe husband on the allegations of alleged infidelity, threat to life and obstruction of access to children, levelled against the Senior Pastor and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Pastor Faith, described the allegations as pure falsehood and cheap blackmail to sully the reputation of the Apostle. Pastor Faith said she had never slept nor has it ever crossed her mind to sleep with Apostle Suleiman whom she said was like her biological father.

As stated by her, “I’ve never had anything to do with Apostle Suleiman, it’s like sleeping with my biological father. It’s like someone telling me that I am sleeping with my own biological father.”

To be accused of sleeping with a man who adopted her when she was young and trained her since she lost her father, is like saying she has slept with her biological father, she said.

According to her, “I grew up in Apostle Suleman’s house. In my video on Facebook, I told Mike that thank  God you said you met me a virgin. Thank God you told the whole world you met me a virgin. Apostle Suleiman trained me, he brought me up. My mum knows him. My family and everybody know him. My father died when I was young and he adopted me as his own daughter. So, if you married me a virgin and I remained with him a virgin after 20 years plus, I don’t get it.” She said.

“Mike did not introduce me to Apostle Johnson Suleman, I introduced Mike to him as the man that wants to marry me. And the question Papa asked me was, ‘is this the man?’ and I said yes. So, I don’t know what Mike is talking about because I married him a virgin, just like he confirmed in his video. That is the only truth he said in all his videos.”

According to her, pastor David had been planning for a long time to dissolve their marriage. Several times he keep telling her she is not up to his standard and many times he tried running away with other women abroad. He also refused to summit their marriage certificate to the local government for proper documentation, he took both the two copies under the guise that he wanted to get Visa for them to travel abroad, but later come up to say he lost it. She added that her husband together with his people also went to her people to collect the bride price he paid, it was there that their marriage was dissolved. So, the issue of her marriage separation with her husband has nothing to do with Apostle Suleiman.

“ In fact, Papa did not even know when this marriage collapse . That this marriage survived for 10 years was because of Papa. Every time I tell him I am tired of this marriage, he would tell me, ‘go back,’ that where do I think I am going to.

“When Mike met me, I was working in NTA and I later left the job. And Mike would always tell me that I’m not up to his standard. Mike has always wanted to elope with some women abroad. But I covered him because he is my husband. Go to Kano church and they will tell you that there is nothing that Mike is not guilty of, but I will come out and tell them that my husband did not do that. I have recordings.

“But what I don’t understand is what brought Apostle Suleiman into this issue. Why drag an innocent man into this issue? You walked out of the marriage, you said I am not up to your standards, you want to go and make money abroad. You left me in Kano and my family put my pieces together. It was people like Apostle Tenebe and Apostle Sam Okpe who begged Mike to go back. Tenebe begged Mike to go back but he refused that he wants to move on, that this is not the level of success he prayed for himself.

“Our marriage crashing has nothing to do with Papa. She said, contrary to claims, that Pastor Davids did not resign but was driven out of the ministry because of his wrong doings. That was what led me to go begging. It took me close to a year to get access to papa. It was when I heard that Apostle Sam Okpe was close to papa that I went to him to help me beg papa. And he did it. He took me by the hand to papa and begged him. The next week, he took Mike to papa and begged him and Papa said he had forgiven him and we all moved on fine. Only for him to wake up one day and said he was leaving the marriage. No day passes that I don’t beg him, kneeling down as if he is a God and he would tell me that ‘i will leave you, you should be proud that I married you. ”

“When he was leaving, I begged him to let the children stay with me.

“I don’t know where Mike stays but I heard that he is in Abuja. Mike said that I have a church in Utako. He knows the place. He said he is looking for me and the place to look is online? You forgot the roads to my village and family?

“Does Apostle Johnson Suleiman know when you sent your people to collect back your bride price? Bride price he collected around June or July? Was Apostle Suleiman in the picture when he collected the bride price? They went to my uncle’s house and he told them it’s not done that way but they said no, he wants to move on. So, are we still married?

“Let me shock you. He never submitted a copy of our wedding certificates to the Local Government for documentation ” She said pastor Davids collected both the photocopy and the original marriage certificates from her on the guise that he was applying for visa to go abroad only to come back and tell her he lost them both. She said he even made efforts to retrieve the only copy with the church but was denied.

On whether her marriage with pastor Davids was still functional, pastor Faith said her union with pastor Mike Davids had been dissolved and that there were witnesses from both families.

“They brought their elders and witnesses, my elders were there and my mum was there and the marriage was dissolved,” she declared with a note of finality.

Again, authenticating pastor Faith’s statement vindicating Suleman, Apostle Sam Okpe, in a series of video clips, cleared the General Overseer from the allegations, describing pastor Davids’ claims as pure falsehood. According to Apostle Okpe, he was the one who introduced Pastor Faith to Suleiman. He said he was equally the one who took pastor Davids to Apostle Suleman to reconcile them after the Davids were suspended because of their marital dispute which is inappropriate for pastors who should serve as examples to their followers. He said both Pastors Davids and Faith reached out to him for help in seeking audience with Apostle Suleiman.

He said, other pastors were demanding one million naira from pastor faith in other to reconcile their marriage, which is why Apostle Suleiman despite his refusal to attend to their issue, on the other hand gave a second thought to meditate over it. He added that Apostle Suleiman had several times supported David’s family financially, precisely on two occasions he witnessed the David’s family been given $2000 and $1000.

“Pastor Faith, how could you forget that I was the one who took you by the hand and drove you, and introduced you to Apostle Suleiman on the 13th of May, 2019 in Lagos in the company of pastor Joe Asukwo from Lafia? I have the enlargements of the pictures in my office. I took the photographs. All that photographs that Mike cropped to blackmail Apostle Suleiman. I took them with my phone. I will upload them.”

“Pastor Faith knows where Mike is living. They live in the same estate opposite each other. We sometimes make jokes with her that one day both of them will meet themselves in a shopping mall and we would laugh.

” I feel that is so cruel for anyone who holds the bible to do. Mike, you know that I’m still alive. You know the role I played in this your issue with Apostle Suleiman. ”

“Let the whole world listen to the voice of truth. I am not in support of pastor Faith neither am I supporting pastor Davids. I am only here to clear Apostle Suleiman.

“Mike, you sent me an audio message which I have the recordings. Did you forget that you called me on phone and said you have left the house? You left for Abuja. I begged you to go back home but you said you are done with the marriage and that you don’t want anything to do with your wife and marriage again? You forgot I have the recordings?”

In the meantime, Apostle Suleiman’s reaction came from the claimed report of a probe into the matter by the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu. The IGP, disclosed the order in a letter addressed to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Force Intelligence Bureau, Garki, dated January 5, 2021 which was in response to a petition by V.C Ezenagu & Associates on behalf of Pastor Davids.

Chief Akpofure, SAN who is Apostle Suleiman lawyer, file suit on David for 500million naira for deformation of character, through lies and blackmail.

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