Anyone Who is Not With Us is Against Us


Justice Kibai

In my last article, I explicitly stated that senatorial representation is not the problem of Southern Kaduna, so don’t let anybody deceive you.

There is no doubt that the Senator Danjuma Laah, even amidst threats, intimidation and persecution, continue to stand by his people. We have seen where a governor of a state sympathise with his protesting people for over 200 dead, by arresting and locking them up.

Danjuma Laah, however, has continued to show dogged tenacity in bringing succour to his people in their most trying times.

This trial is captured in Bishop Kukah’s message at Late Bishop Bagobiri’s funeral, where the bishop said, “…these are not easy times to be Christians…as Christians in Nigeria are the most persecuted Christians anywhere in the whole world. In the same light, the funeral message exposed the apathy of the state government towards the trials bedevilling the Southern Kaduna people who are largely Christians even though the bishop quickly said he was not against anybody. It was clear that, the Kaduna state government, instead of worrying about the welfare of displaced natives in Southern Kaduna, was worried more about funds coming from abroad to assuage the pains and anguish of the afflicted. The bishop said it was a troubling lack of understanding of what the essence of Christianity is and what it means to Southern Kaduna. The bishop also spoke about why Southern Kaduna is pro-PDP as only PDP found Southern Kaduna eminently qualified sons worthy of any federal appointment or even governor in the state. Isn’t the bishop right? Is there any federal appointment for any Southern Kaduna person since takeover by the APC government? No. The late Professor Jonathan Nok, one of our finest of international repute, was reduced to just a commissioner. The Big Ben Kure, after being the Director General of El-Rufai campaigns, was reduced to just a local government chairman while El-Rufai pushed his sisters to the federal level.

Given the above, it is clear that neither El-Rufai nor APC is with us, thus they are against us. El-Rufai, who is against us, doesn’t want Danjuma Laah voted back into office. He made it known in a violent speech where he charged his audience to assault the three patriotic senators Shehu Sani, Suleiman Hunkuyi and Danjuma Laah.

How can this same El-Rufai, who didn’t find us worthy of federal appointment, decide who we should vote or not vote for? If he likes us that much, he won’t treat us this bad politically. He won’t make his friends IMCs in PDP stronghold and majorly southern Kaduna local government areas of Kaura, Jaba, Kajuru and Chikun.

If you do not vote Danjuma Laah back, you are with El-Rufai, thus against Southern Kaduna. Any vote against Senator Dr. Danjuma Laah is a vote against the Southern Kaduna people. A vote against Laah is a vote for El-Rufai. A vote for El-Rufai is a vote against the Southern Kaduna people and all Southern Kaduna people of good sense must stand firmly behind the people’s senator now. Any deviation will be akin to stepping right into the dragon’s orifice. Like the scriptures say, we must stand against those who say ‘we want change’.

God bless the people’s senator Dr. Danjuma Laah.

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