By Justice Kibai

Men without ideas, they say, resort to violence. The shining light that Senator Dr. Danjuma La’ah is, is too much for some contenders to bear. And because they couldn’t advance viable arguments to dim the senator’s brilliance, they have resorted to violence by paying thugs to pull down the senator’s posters. This singular act of theirs shows poverty of ideas, envy and jealousy and it is setting a very bad precedence that may degenerate if it is not nipped in the bud. And for such persons to imagine they should play major role in the SK politics despite obvious poverty of ideas that forced them to resort to violence, speaks volumes of whose interest they are pursuing in Southern Kaduna. We are aware of those who were after the senator for the simple reason that he is properly representing his people. These same people sent thugs after Adams Jagaba in Kachia, a couple of years ago on the allegations of anti-party activities, simply because the guy dared to represent his people of Kachia/Kagarko well. These anti-SK sentiments that have been entrenched as party policies and instrumental to why our own brethren are acting irrationally against southern Kaduna has long been wired into their system. The other day, one mushroom magazine by the name National Heritage News was contracted to cast aspersions on the senator by sensationalising triviality. This disgrace of a magazine, violated the privacy of one Bege Mark, by making public his private conversation with a lady on trivial grounds, with an aim to sensationalise the triviality and bring the hardworking senator’s image to disrepute.

At this stage, we want to make it categorically clear, that the senator has worked, is working and will continue to work for the betterment of Southern Kaduna and the good of Nigeria; and any who is up in arms against the senator, is up in arms against southern Kaduna, as well as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is because Danjuma La’ah is the only political leader we have in southern Kaduna and we shall continue to pray for him.

Even though feelers has it that the good senator has forgiven the thugs doing the destruction out of deep kindness typical of him, I wish to advise the thugs to steer clear of anything of the senator. The prayers we are offering on his behalf, as our only political leader, is capable of exerting serious damage on cheap vandals.


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