I Amb John Pofi the Governorship Aspirant of the Social Democratic Party, my teaming supporters and the members of the John Pofi Movement wish to celebrate with Israel as it clocks seventy.

Seventy years in the life of a nation is a great milestone which calls for celebration.

For those who have followed the turbulent history of Israel will agree with me that seventy years in the life of a nation that has been crisis ridden calls for not only celebration but re dedication to God.

Let me also use this medium to commend the unparalleled courage, resilience, doggedness and the clear sense of service demonstrated by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu by officially declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And the massive support the indefatigable, indomitable and unstoppable president of the United States of America, Donald Trump gave the idea not only in words but also in action by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. The two leaders have demonstrated that, hope, though distant, is attainable.

It is also a truism that Israel is strategic in terms of world peace that is why I must reiterate the need for harmonious existence by Israel and its neighbours towards a better world for all.

While we pray for God’s sustenance over the holy land, we also use this platform to call on African leaders particularly the ones in Nigeria to take a cue from Israel that despite its precarious history, is still together, making progress in different aspects of the economy.

We wish Israel many fruitful years ahead.

Signed :
Amb John Pofi
Chairman, John Pofi Movement organisation.

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