” to others, she is the the fool in wolf’s clothing. For me, Leah Sharibu is the rebirth of the apostolic era. She manifests the purity of faith.”… Sam Omatseye. The Nation, 9th April, 2018.

On behalf of my family and the entire members of the John Pofi Movement organisation, I wish to celebrate this little heroine of our time as she clocks fifteen years today.

It is a painful reality that you are marking this year’s birthday in captivity which signifies the circumstances that we found ourselves in as a nation.

I will also like to make it abundantly clear to you wherever you are, that even if the nation has forgotten about you, hold on to your faith believing that we will never rest until we secure your unconditional release.

Let me also use this medium to ask the federal government, how and what transpired that the other Dapchi girls were released? Was religion the basis of negotiation ? What are the security agencies doing to secure your peaceful release? Have we all forgotten about Leah so fast just like we do with serious issues in this country?

The federal government can only convince us that it is winning the war against insurgency only if it facilitates the release of Leah and a host of others who are in captivity.

The federal government can only convince us that it is not operating a one sided administration when Leah is released in one piece.

Again, let me borrow some words of Omatseye in the Nation of 9th April, 2018. “we are still waiting for Leah. Those who brokered the freedom of the other Dapchi girls and left out the narrative of Leah Sharibu should know that we want her back in one piece. She is the story of her generation. We want her alive, not a martyr.”

While we wish you the best of the years to come which we believe will be spent out of captivity, I urge you to look up to God and remain steadfast because weeping may endure through the night but joy will certainly come in the morning.

To Leah’s parents, and many others whose loved ones are in captivity, I understand as well as share your grief. It is sad that we have found ourselves in a country that does not place any premium on human life, but God in His wisdom will one day shine His light in the darkest part of the world.

Happy birthday, our little heroine.

Signed :
Amb John Pofi

Chairman, John Pofi Movement organisation.

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