The new president of Confederations African Football (CAF) is Ahmad Ahmad. He emerged as the president of CAF after defeating the incumbent president Issa Hayatou in an election held on Thursday  March 16th, 2017.

The election was held at CAF’s 39th General Assembly in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The incumbent president Issa Hayatou was defeated with 34 votes in favour of Ahmad Ahmad and 20 votes in favour of Issa Hayatou who is 70 years old as at the time the election was held.

Abdel Halim Mohammad was defeated by Issa Hayatou in 1988 hence took over power from him since then. Hayatou’s leadership overseen the continent game growth and he make sure that CAF stands within the global football competition.

Issa Hayatou was very shock at the outcome of the result and he couldn’t hide his fears of losing his position in the ruling council of world football’s governing body. He was still in shock when his aides led him out of the auditorium and he avoided answering questions from the media.

In jubilation for his success at the poll Ahmad Ahmad was carried up around in jubilation by his supporters in the election hall.

Ahmad Ahmad the new CAF president sheds tears of joy while answering questions from journalist and you could see disappointment written on the incumbent president’s face.

Issa Hayatou became the seventh president after Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem in 1957-1958, Abdel Aziz Moustafa in 1958-1968, Abdel Halim Muhammad in 1968-1972, Yidnkatchew Tessema in 1972-1987, Abdel Halim Muhammad in 1987-1988 and Issa Hayatou in 1988-2017.

Ahmad Ahmad said African Football cannot be managed by bandit, thus; “African football cannot be managed by bandits”

He also said; “I will reorganise CAF’s financial sector to make it accessible to sectors and areas”.

He said further; “Five million dollars, or 50 percent of earnings from FIFA, will go to African federation.

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