The elected National Executive leaders of the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) were inaugurated yesterday 13th January, 2021 at the Agwatyap Palace, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna.

An excerpt from the outgoing National President,  Prof Lucius Bamaiyi speech. In his handing over speech, he admonishes the leaders to continue from where he stops.

He said; “in talking about continuity, the new EXCO should continue with building of the store, it shouldn’t be abandoned.

Prof. Lucius charged the new exco to look into the Atyap Technical school which was abandoned for a very long time.

He said; “The terms of Board Members is 5 years in the first instance. If NEC feels a member of the Board or some or all should be appointed again for another term of 5 years then NEC can do so and present to Congress for approval. A Board Member should not be appointed for more than two terms. .”

He also advised that all decisions taken at the congress should be well documented.

“Congress is the highest decision making body but let all decisions taken at the Congress be documented to avoid mistakes,” he said.

In conclusion, he advised the Atyap nation to support the new leaders for the success and progress of Atyap land.


The Agwatyap His Royal Highness, Dominic Gambo Yahaya in his remarks admonishes the elected ACDA national leaders to fashion a way to bring developmental projects to Atyap Land and to make it succeed and progress.

He further said that he is excited that the new leaders accepted to serve Atyap nation.

He also appreciate the outgoing National President of the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA), Prof Lucius Bamaiyi for his dedication to serve Atyap nation.

He also reiterated his appreciation for the Professor’s commitment to all the activities in Atyap land and he added; “I know the Prof. for more than 20 years serving Atyap together till today.”

He reiterated on the peace treaty and charge the new Exco to make sure they broacher peace and bring to light the truth and counter the lies that was widely spread on social media.

The paramount Ruler declared that peace shall return to Atyap land before the end of this year by God’s grace.

He reiterated also on the Atyap Technical school that has been abandoned. He charged the new Exco to make it a priority and make sure it’s repair and become functional.

He said “ I was part of those that built the Technical school in 1981 but it’s unfortunate to see the school in it present state.“

He charged the new leaders to make sure peace returns to Atyap land and he assured the leaders of his full support in anything that will move Atyap Nation forward.

He poured his blessings on the new leaders and declared that they will succeed.


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