Yesterday, 24th April, 2021 a new President for the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) was elected in an emergency Congress.

You can recall that the association’s president died in a ghastly motor accident on March 8th, 2021 alongside his wife and daughter.

The death of the association’s president created a vacuum which is needed to be filled. And that was done yesterday 24th April, 2021.

There were two contenders, Mr. Sam Achi emerged as winner with a wide margin.

In his acceptance speech, the newly elected president who was the financial Secretary of the Association during the time of the deceased president promised to continue in the late president’s legacies.

He reiterated that he will continue in pursue of peace in Atyap land. He said, “I will continue in search for peace just has the late president would have if he was alive.”

He also said; ” I will make sure Atyap land is returned to its peaceful way of living where a Fulani man will come and assist an Atyap man harvest his crops and thereafter graze his cow on the harvested land.”

“I will make sure we restore the cordial relationship we used to have with the Hausa and Fulani communities where an Atyap man could go and dine and merry with his Hausa and Fulani friends”; he said.

Election was also conducted for the posts of the Vice President 1 where Mr. Kanai Emmanuel was elected unopposed, others were Assistant Finance Secretary and that of the assistant Organising Secretary.

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