On the 3rd of December 2019, Abuja Discourse in partnership with OSIWA, hosted former Minister of Women’s Affairs and first PDP Women leader Iyom Josephine Anenih on issues around women participation in politics and sexual harassment of women.

The former Minister came with her wealth of knowledge and experience, educated the team, and as well as Nigerians via Facebook live. Among the things she spoke about was with women participation in politics and the struggle so far.

She spoke on Franka Afebuah been the first black woman Senator in the world and the need to celebrate women while they are still living. She also spoke on the need to write the stories of women who have come before and participated in politics and held leadership positions to serve as role models for young girls who are looking for role models in the public space educated people on Africa.

Iyom Josephine Anenih touched on sexual harassment and patriarchy system. According to her, “Women hold the key to the sustenance of the patriarchy system and its survival”.

Abuja Discourse is a platform coordinated by Dinidari Foundation that curates conversations towards policy and legislative driven solutions. Conversations and content changes with emerging trends and issues that affects women, youths, Electoral reforms, shrinking civil space, human rights, access to justice, livelihood, decent work, sexual harassment, gender equality bills, actions and inaction of government towards positive sustainable development.

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