(King Solomon’s Version)

They looked bewildered when they heard;”you are on your own”,”you are in it alone”,and “nobody got your back”.

After the parable session,interpretation moment ensued. Young comrades were walked through the meaning of the coded phrases. It was,they should end risking their physical lives or professional careers. Because the people they are fighting for are quite difficult and don’t appreciate such sacrifices.

Again, adviser postulated that, their people are experts in rewarding loyalty with disdain,hatred,envy and every evil imaginable under the sun. A few examples of victims were offered to justify his “down to earth” counsel. Your truly was number one on the list of examples offered.

In conclusion,young comrades were referred to a straightforward and sincere admonition by the DeeCattleBoy piquing “it’s needless picking bullets for people who wouldn’t buy a coffin for your lifeless body let alone grace your funeral.”

In kunni ya ji,gangan jiki ya tsira.


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