Anthony, an ND1 student in the department of Building Technology in federal polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, was killed by his caretaker.

The caretaker of Ezinwanne lodge in Nekede has allegedly killed one of it’s tenant, Mr Anthony, an undergraduate of the institution for failing to quit the possession of his lodge.

According to an information gathered, the caretaker had told the deceased to renew his rent but he pleaded for more time to settle his bill which led to misunderstanding between the two, as the caretaker was alleged to have hit Anthony on the head with a wooden stick.
Anthony collapsed at the spot and was rushed to Federal Medical Center (FMC) Owerri where he was receiving medical attention until he was confirmed dead.

The polytechnic students have called for justice for the deceased, while the caretaker is currently at the police custody.

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