A million thanks to Jack Ma

The disappointment in my heart on the state of the nation is worse than the tragic effects of the dreaded viral disease nicknamed Covid 19, the newly discovered Corona strain in Wuhan, China

Prior to the confirmation of cases in Nigeria Dr. Osagie the Minister of Health bragged about being capable of handling the Corona pandemic.

When the first case was reported, common sense should have asked what measures were in place. If United States and other first countries or developed nations of the world would cry out for shortage of supplies then what becomes of us?

If not for Jack Ma we had not made any visible effort to import sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves or protective suits.

FG kept spending money on live media briefings and updates without getting what we do not have on ground. Now, we need extra ventilators but the billions budgeted is yet to get any. However, rumour has it that the only hope for the common man were the two ventilators taken to the villa for the high profile. How sad!

Lockdown has been declared but no funds, salary or incentives has been rolled out to the masses. What a prepared Nation.

If the President is fine let him update his fellow countrymen daily with tangible efforts and purchases for which taxpayers money are being channeled.

There should be a lacuna for dethroning a visibly failed leadership like the APC led administration from top to bottom.

Lagos has done far more than the Federal Government put together. The series of unfortunate events seems to be less with only 46 confirmed cases… The question is _how many tests kits are there to go round prior now??? Or how many people are willing to be tested???_

Enough is enough! We pray this plague is for failed leaders and national cleansing but for PDP faithfuls to recover.

This abomination called Babu has overstayed his welcome. Coro show us your power.

Charima is concerned

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