Since the return of democracy with the erosion of the military in Nigerian politics, both the Executive and the Legislative Arm saw people who were either elected or appointed to different positions of honour to cater for their people both at the State and Federal levels. While others went there and brought a piece of the National Cake home, a lot decided to corner what belonged to their people to the utilisation of family and friends. The second category of people who are selfish decided to become automatic Abuja Dwellers since there is disconnect with the electorates and where they come from. Such people only go to their localities only when something happens, or arrive late in the night and most times under tight security in order to avoid been lynched by the angry communities.

Senator Danjuma La’ ah is someone who is eminently blessed by God as he started and ended his Civil Service career in peace before dabbling into business. Instead of investing in Abuja where he will get high return on investment like others, he decided to bring his businesses home in order to become a blessing to the entire Southern Kaduna citizens. Since his heart will always be where his investments are, he established his contacts with the people very well long before he joined politics. Ever at home with his people, he has rendered a lot of philanthropic gestures to the entire Zone 3 dwellers in his personal and official capacity.

It is not a surprise that Dr. Shettima is always at home either in working days or weekends eating,drinking,sharing the feelings of his people and helping them unlike other elected or appointees in government.Records in the public domain is filled with Ministers, Senators, House of Reps Members, State Houses of Assembly Members, Commissioners and others who cannot visit their communities in broad day light as they know the consequences. La’ah is not only accepted in every Southern Kaduna homes and villages where he has received titles and honours but has become a prayer point in both Muslim and Christian organizations. He is been described as one Amazon that has chosen to mingle with the common people and as such,deserve their votes for a 2nd Term as Senator to represent them again in the Senate come next election.

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