A housemaid name Chinwe, working for a 40 years man called Nathenial. He drugged this 14 years old housemaid.

According  to Punch, Nathaniel who was arrested by policemen attached to the Ikotun Police Division, raped the girl at his residence on Ajisegiri Street, in the Egbe area, after he gave her a glass of juice laced with drugs.

The housemaid made her plight known in a tearful letter she wrote to Nathaniel’s wife, narrating how her master defiled her after giving her the drugged drink.

Chinwe fled the house as a result of what Nathaniel did to her but she dropped a letter before she left the house. She dropped the letter to let her madam know what her husband has been doing to her.

Chinwe wrote in the letter that she doesn’t want to come back to the house again as she was fed up with sexual abuses.

She also told their neighbour who is a pastor who informed a child right organisation, which in turn reported at the police station leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Chinwe was brought from the village in the South Eastern part of Nigeria to serve as a housemaid.

The letter reads thus:

“Dear aunty, I want to go. I am suffering here. Look at what husband has been doing to me.

The last time that he did it, he gave me a drink and I did not know that he purposely gave me that drink so that I could fall asleep.

It was when I woke up that I now found myself naked. I now saw white thing on my laps. This is what he was doing to me the other time that I told you that I wanted to go.

I do not want to cause trouble for you. Please, call my brother to come and take me away. I want to go and I do not want to stay here again”.


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