The All Progressive Congress may be heading towards collapse in Taraba State as witnessed in her Local government congresses conducted around the Local governments and the two development areas if nothing is done quickly to remedy the terrible situation.

The congresses were marred with irregularities with party faithful pointing accusing fingers to some powerful powerbrokers in the party of hijacking the processes in an attempt to install their loyalist.

Before now, Taraba state APC is divided into Unity and Integrity group. The unity group is believed to be loyal to the former 2015 Gubernatorial candidate and the present minister of woman affairs while the integrity group is made up of defectors mostly from the PDP who are in a struggle to hijack the party leadership.

It could be recalled that both the unity and integrity group met with Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu in a bit to broker peace between the two waring factions, but as it stands things have really fallen apart in the party.

The congress in Jalingo was marred with seroius violence living many injured as the fight was between Sani Abubakar the former governor and the minister of Women affairs, Aisha Alhassan on who controls the soul of the party.

According to a source who does not want his name on print said there was a hot exchange of words between the duo calling each others names.

In Kurmi where our correspondent heard from an authentic source that the congress was a total mess as no election was conducted as a result of disagreement between party faithful that led to a serious blow, where Hon. Jerry Anaji was beaten to blue and black by some thugs suspected to be loyal to the Minister and is said to be receiving medical attention in an undisclosed hospital in Kurmi.

According to an eye witness report, Hon. Jerry was beaten because he opposed Aisha preferred candidate who is Hon. Shishi Adeh for the post of the LG chairmanship whom Hon. Baba Shihiro stepped down for as the minister’s candidate.

It was another tragedy for the APC in kurmi where another party Stalwart from Nyido Torso was attacked by his party men leaving him in the pool of his blood, thanks for the timely intervention of some passersby who rushed him to the hospital for medical attention.

The game in Takum seem to be tougher as Hon. Luka Gowon Danjuma took to his facebook wall and write” APC LGA congress in Takum is not business as usual ” a statement that attracted the comment from Hon. Daniel Likam who responded that the result for Takum LG as already been submitted but Hon. Luka who went further and responded as thus: “An attempt to rig in favour of Aisha Jummai Alhassan wasn’t successful as the original result sheet tore to pieces and the returning officer in position of the result was given a befitting beating of his life”

From the above one can easily deduced that all did not go well in the Takum congress within the APC’s fold.

There was reported of mass exodus of APC faithful where all of them were welcome to the PDP as a result of the congress which was marred with irregularities in Sardauna, the speaker’s constituency.

As the APC awaits her state congress, many are left wondering what becomes of the party fortune in the coming elections as things have really fallen apart.

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